SSX Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 1
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 2
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 3
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 4
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 5
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 6
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 7
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 1

    1. Start with the 9 Deadly Descent Tour. This will give you a chance to get acquainted with the characters, build up some armor, and get used to the game.
    2. Go through the tutorial and pay extra attention to and super tricky mode . You will also need to know how to combine tricks and deploy your wingsuit.
    3. Complete your first drop to earn the That Was Easy Achievement. Along the way you will learn how to control your character. The key to landing tricks is to let go of the L pad and whatever trick buttons you chose to use before you hit the ground.
    4. You will now have the option to upgrade your suit and board.. but chances are you don’t have enough points yet so let’s move on to the next unlocked area.
    5. Your first race down the mountain is going to be pretty tough. The course takes pretty rapid turns and drops. It’s a good way for you to get used to the game. Make sure to land your air tricks by letting go of the buttons before you come down and use the boost that you gain to win. You can stick around Whitehorn Mountain if you want, but I’d head over to the Extinguisher Tower.
    6. The drop in Extinguisher Tower is more challenging in that you will need to upgrade (or at least have the computer optimize) your armor. The racers in this trial aren’t too fast.. so just focus on being safe and not having your armor completely depleted.
    7. After this, you will be ready to take on the first Deadly Descent- Trees. You don’t need to use the turbo at all. In fact.. the point is just to make it down the mountain. So take your time, maneuver and do just that.
    8. After completing the Rockies, you will unlock Patagonia and Sibera. Let’s head to Siberia.
    9. Your first run in Siberia is actually much more manageable if you use your speed to the max. Get yourself TRICKY and use the heck out of that boost. Whenever you reach forks in the paths, try your best to take the direction that has less elevated ground. I find that these paths get you through the level faster.
    10. Enjoy the comic book type cutscene.
    11. The Vapor Trail is going to be your next obstacle. You’ve gotta race this one. Rails are probably your best friends. Grind them out for sick combinations. Stay to the right whenever the road forks. As opposed to the last level, this level’s high paths are actually better for you because you can get much more air to do your tricks. You know what that means. TRICKY TIME.
    12. Your next destination is The Big Show . This is a Trick It level, meaning take your time and make sure you are getting the best combinations that you can as opposed to rushing. Get out of that racing mentality and you’ll find yourself taking care of this one.
    13. To get into your best option for the next level Don’t Make Me:, you’ll need to acquire an Ice Axe. Go upgrade your gear, you should definitely have enough points at least for the Ice Axe.
    14. Finishing the next drop will earn you a Geotag. You will also have now completed Siberia!

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