SSX Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 1
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 2
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 3
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 4
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 5
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 6
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 7
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 4

    1. The next deadly descent will be aptly titled Thin Air. But hey, you’re a pro with the gas mask by now right? The drill is to survive until you make it to the bottom. Keep a careful eye on your oxygen level at the bottom right.
    2. ONLY trick on this deadly descent when you are up in the air. Do not do any tricks or combos that will slow you down at all. It’s a race against time!
    3. Once you hit Antarctica, you will be introduced to the solar panel pack.
    4. Rolling Thunder is going to be a race course, so as always, try to go for the big points in the beginning. Don’t be afraid to fall behind a little. Once you get into Tricky mode, you’ll more than make up for it.
    5. Enjoy the next comic sequence before moving on to Evil Genius. This one’s a Trick It course, and to be honest, you’re not going to get much air throughout the majority of it. Use your best grinds and your combos to rack up the points.
    6. After going through the tunnel (most likely on the red rail), you will reach the point of the level where you will have to mostly depend on getting big air and landing tricks. Be prepared for this switch.
    7. Your next task in Antarctica will be to race Off the Grid. It’s a hard level to see in for the most part, but stay clinging to the right wall in the awkward narrow cavern passages and you should be fine.
    8. The lighting in Off The Grid gets progressively better so don’t worry if you fall behind a little more than you usually would. Consequently, you are also able to get much more air in the latter portions of this level. Use a final push here and you should come out on top.
    9. Once you reach the root down race, you are really going to have to watch your core temperature at the bottom right of the screen. It’s not terribly different than managing your oxygen, but it can still cost you a race if you’re not careful.
    10. There will be a key point in this race as you approach an elongated red rail. You will be able to combine a few consecutive rails for a grind that’s worth a whopping point total.
    11. Your next deadly descent is Cold. Survival is your goal, so proceed through the level as quickly as possible.
    12. Make sure not to go out of your way to do too many tricks that will slow you down too much. Your core temperature will decrease much more rapidly in this level so don’t take your eye off of it.

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