SSX Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 1
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 2
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 3
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 4
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 5
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 6
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 7
  • 9 Deadly Descents Part 6

    1. Your next destination is going to be Corkscrew in Africa. Star this race off by hitting the first ramp, keeping left to hit the second ramp, and jump off the second ramp onto the red rail.
    2. Keep your grind going for as long as you can through the tunnel, and you’ll be in Tricky Mode in no time.
    3. The rest of this course is actually surprisingly straightforward. The only thing to mention is that you will run into chasms, so be ready to rewind if you don’t see one in time.
    4. Start off Red Light going directly straight and not veering off at any of the forks. Keep yourself as elevated as you can throughout this level. There are rails at the very top that will really speed up your progress if you can hit them.
    5. This is a very easy course to get Tricky in so don’t feel like you have to spare any of the boost. In fact, most of this course is so narrow that you’re going to need to use as much boost as possible if you want to get ahead.
    6. You are going to have to beat Griff once again in Hush. This time, your head lamp will really need to be used. Keep track of the battery at the bottom right of the screen.
    7. Try to keep your light as steady and pointing straight ahead as much as possible. It’s going to swing around a lot because of the chaotic layout of the level, but a steady hand will really help.
    8. Snake Bite is going to be the toughest course in Africa by far. It is pitch black aside from where you can shine your light. See why it was important to learn how to keep a steady hand last time? The course is pretty easy, but if you can’t see where you’re going you’re not going to survive regardless. Always keep the light pointing straight ahead.
    9. Once you reach about 500 meters remaining, you will hit a red rail. Immediately after, there will be a practically invisible chasm so WATCH OUT FOR IT!
    10. You now get to move on to the Alps. And.. you get pulse goggles. That doesn’t sound good.
    11. Beyond The Fall is a pretty straightforward level all around, but you will want to stay away from the red rails for most of it. They’re very easy to get on but they will end up slowing you down.
    12. In Broken Pass, you are going to have to outscore Psymon to win. See those train tracks? You can grind on those..
    13. You will be able to get plenty of air after the opening of this course, but there are plenty of trees scattered around so be careful when it comes to your landings.
    14. Hard Currency is going to be another Griff level. This guy must really hate you by now. Be forewarned, there are plenty of rocks to crash into in this level, especially in the onset. Watch your steering.
    15. The ramps in this level are very visible and the path is pretty singular. If it seems like the obvious route, take it.

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