Holy Crowdfunding! Star Citizen Nears $18 Million

When any videogame Kickstarter hits its funding goal, it’s an impressive accomplishment. When a project crosses the magical $1 million threshold, it’s pretty amazing. That one-time record holder, Obsidian’s RPG Project Eternity, topped $3.9 million is nothing short of remarkable. Now that we’ve established a bit of context, consider this: Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen is about to shoot past the $18 million marker, and it’s rapidly approaching its final $22 million goal, which would make it the first truly AAA completely self-published game. Wow.

On August 31, Roberts Space Industries announced it had reached its $17 million stretch goal, adding a new flyable ship class, the Battlecruiser, to Star Citizen. Five days later, total funding is at $17,881,959 (as of this posting) and climbing. That’s nearly $900,000 in just five days for a crowdfunded project that launched nearly a year ago. One more time with feeling: wow.

On the detailed Star Citizen campaign tracker you can see that, at its current pace of roughly $1 million contributed each week, Star Citizen will hit its final $22 million goal in just a few weeks.

I had the chance to interview Chris Roberts himself back in July, and along with explaining why he felt Star Citizen was making crowdfunding history, he described his vision for the space sim thusly:

“My dream is to make Star Citizen the Barcelona, or the Green Bay Packers is the example in American football, of videogames. If I can maneuver Star Citizen where all we care about is making the game better every day and supporting the community, that’s what I want to achieve. I think the community that’s backed us so far has responded to that idea. To some level it feels empowering they can get involved and make that happen in a domain where normally you need these big mega corporations.”

A year ago, I never thought such a thing was possible. Now it doesn’t so much seem like a question of if, but when? I have the feeling I’ll be writing about Star Citizen hitting $22 million soon.

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7 Comments on Holy Crowdfunding! Star Citizen Nears $18 Million


On September 5, 2013 at 6:06 pm

The remarkable thing about what makes Star Citizen stand out from all Space game developers is they listened to the players and they are doing what the players want to see and feel in a Space game. Unlike other space games out there, this game could become the new ‘Ultima’ of space games, Its a wiser smarter developer with no holds barred vision, not a held to a caged idea, like Eve online has been held to for over ten years+, Eve having no real directions or major changes to there game, fence sitting is not what makes a Space game is about, you got to react to what players want, not just forget ignore what they said . Hats off and Well done to Star Citizen. :)


On September 6, 2013 at 5:07 am

I believe in Chris Roberts


On September 6, 2013 at 8:30 am

18 million hit in less than a week. That’s two million dollars in less than two weeks now. Hi there, big publishers. Are we feeling a bit foolish about that whole “space sims are a dead genre and PCs are a dying platform” thing yet?


On September 6, 2013 at 6:16 pm

That’s boss. Wow. Hope this really is the best space sim ever. I’ve been wanting to get in to this genre forever- but the cliff-like learning curve of games like the “X” series and (as far as I’ve heard) Eve Online have driven me off (but also the CRAZY hourse people seem to be expected to put into them just to ‘participate’). Maybe it’ll all be worth it this time. These guys have everything they need to succeed- I hope they do so in spades :D


On September 7, 2013 at 1:22 am

Not bad at all. I wish them alot of luck.
I on the otherhand wanted to play this game real bad since I love the idea of playing a space game. The downside is that this game is only played in First person which is my biggest disappointment.


On September 8, 2013 at 7:04 am

There is a 3rd person option and camera. You can use 3rd PV in ground combat, and outside of ship combat. You are stuck in the the pit however during ship combat, mainly for balance reasons and immersion.


On September 9, 2013 at 11:06 pm

I sincerely hope this game incorporates tactical combat ala EVE Online for the larger ships (frigate class and up, for example). Let’s not forget, the entire space genre has been completely neglected – its not just the Wing Commander, I-War and Elite fans who’ve been patiently awaiting deliverance. Its been nearly as long since we got something in the style of Star Fleet Academy (which never came lived up to its potential anyway). And then you’ve got all folks who’ve been lured into wasting hours of their lives (and maybe even money) on the joke known as EVE Online. Roberts and his team stand to experience heights of success and acclaim beyond anything they had in the 90′s. They could *own* space fantasy gaming for the next decade.