Star Citizen May End Stretch Goals After Hitting $46 Million

Star Citizen has now passed the $46 million mark in funding, and Chris Roberts is thinking of ending stretch goals.

In a letter posted on the game’s official website, Roberts explains that it’s getting harder to express continued development in stretch goals, saying,

“When we started the Star Citizen campaign, the purpose of the stretch goals was to make things we had imagined but didn’t think we could afford possible: adding capital ship systems, studying procedural generation, hiring additional artists to build more ships at once and the like. The additional funding continues to expand the scope of the game and make what we’re doing possible… but it’s becoming more and more difficult to quantify that with more stretch goals (and to explain that to the rest of the world, which likes to focus only on how much money we’ve made.)”

Roberts goes on to write that he’d like to use his future letters to keep the community up to date on the progress of development, and that the company will, “continue to award flare and other extras to our backers as we hit milestones, whether they’re funding or schedule-related.”

As with most parts of Star Citizen’s development, Roberts didn’t announce a decision on the idea, but instead left it up to the community through a poll on the site. You can read the entire letter here.

I’ve wondered for a while when this day would come. As the Star Citizen team continued to add features and rack up funding, there had to come a point where the vast array of additional features would push development out to an unacceptable time frame. It sounds like that point may finally be arriving. We’ve already seen the dogfighting module delayed. Granted, it was for a good reason, but the more features RSI tries to pack into the game, the longer it’s going to take for it to be completed. We’ll keep an eye on the poll, and see how it turns out.

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3 Comments on Star Citizen May End Stretch Goals After Hitting $46 Million


On June 13, 2014 at 10:11 pm

I think they already for the most part hit that point a while back. The last several stretch goals almost all sounded like stuff that was probably going to show up in the game anyways, but the backers don’t know that this is going to be a thing, so let’s let them know that this is one of the things being brought in because of it all.

Because really, getting to $46 million did a lot more to help them out then “better scanning software in the ships”, but that’s all it’s says in the stretch goal line. And they can’t go overpromising and risking feature creep either, as that’d just cause other problems.

And after several of those, it gets to the point where they’re saying “ok yeah, we keep getting these millions, and trying to say that the next million you gave us let us do this other relatively small thing is getting really awkward. Let’s just agree to have updates in general when something big comes up, sound ok to you all?”


On June 15, 2014 at 2:30 am

GameFront your my go-to place for game news but your coverage of Star Citizen has been very poor. – Let me correct you and help fill in your readers…. For the past 10+ million goals we have been basically receiving small gifts so the feature creep is nonexistent, we have now provided all the money needed to fund all features Chris planed for from the start, some of these are already reserved to be completed after launch.
I noticed you mentioned Arena Commander (Dog Fight Module) and it’s short delay but fail to mention it’s out, and considering it’s pre-Alpha it’s extremely good! AC will be a game within a game (in SC fiction it is a video game) it will will serve as the competitive PvP with no risk to your persistent universe ships, so you can fight battle after battle or just test out your ships new load out.