Star Wars: Galaxies Fans Suing SOE

Remember when we told you that Star Wars: Galaxies was shutting down in December? Well, a number of fans of the game are pretty upset about that, and they’re planning a lawsuit against SOE.

The word is that the players are upset by the company’s response to player petitions that seek to keep the game open. Apparently, SOE has been closing forum threads advertising this petition, which seeks to keep Galaxies open in its current state or in a free-to-play format. One Galaxies player even said that he had been marked as a “ringleader” and told that he could be banned permanently from all SOE services.

The petition itself reportedly has around 3,000 signatures, but it really doesn’t matter. The players have no standing to fight this decision. Not only does the EULA allow SOE to shut the service down when they see fit, it also allows them to ban anyone they judge worthy of such a punishment.

Furthermore, the game’s license from LucasArts expires at the end of 2011, and LucasArts was a party to the decision to shut Galaxies down. That implies that they have no interest in renewing the licensing for Galaxies. In short, these players don’t have a leg to stand on.

It can be tough when a game you love goes away, but lawsuits aren’t the answer. Instead, it’s time to start looking for a new game.

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3 Comments on Star Wars: Galaxies Fans Suing SOE


On June 30, 2011 at 4:27 pm

These ing NGE gots. PEOPLE HAVE BEEN BEGGING FOR THIS DAY TO HAPPEN FOR YEARS. I want to make a petition to sue these idiots for trying to keep this train wreck alive.


On June 30, 2011 at 6:04 pm

With all due respect, sir, SOE can take their EULA and shove it. I’ve never played Galaxies, but I have played MMOs that were unjustly shut down (cough Auto Assault cough) and do not wish such a fate on any game, so long as there are fans who wish to keep playing it. The fact that Lucasarts had a say in the decision just makes it worse- they lost their last brain when Tim Schafer left.

If I’ve learned anything from gaming, it’s often that the last people who know whats best for a game is the people who work on it or run it. Take Matt Ward for instance.


On September 5, 2011 at 8:52 pm

After since the great change back in 2005, SWG has been losing people left and right, just before the launch of DC Online there was a small article in PC Gamer back In Jan of 2011 saying they pretty much admitted in screwing up SWG-the game has been a wreck for years. Then along came WOW and word had it that SWG and EQ tried to mimic warcraft. WOW took the MMO to the next Level sine I have not seen SWG since 2005 I have no idea what chances were made to the game. If SOE handled things differently perhaps when Dec. 15 comes the game may still be operational. However with TOR going live soon, its about time to allow the new kid on the block to have its run-if 3000 people of signed that petition unless it is made for Free they cant be that many around.