Star Wars: The Old Republic Beginner’s Guide

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  • Choosing Your Class
  • Knowing the Basics
  • Companions


    In terms of moving you from plot-point to plot-point, companions act as a useful tool that keeps the story going so that the next mission can begin. Each companion you encounter has their own adventures that you can take part in, so make sure that these resources are tapped to enjoy the full journey of your character. Sometimes, making new companions means making news enemies if a relationship goes south at some point in the game.

    Another function of companions is that they can be utilized tactically during battle scenarios. When low on health and faced with a large wave of enemies, providing cover fire before sending in an ally to complete the job will save you from taking damage. Likewise, companions will also set up ambushes that you can execute and provide your character with additional support such as health replenishment.

    Lastly, a companion can be used to help your gameplay proceed more efficiently and enjoyably. By directing your NPCs to carryout extraneous tasks such as doing business at the market or utilizing their crew skills, you can focus on the more exciting missions available around the galaxy. Storymode provides each class with five possible compatriots that can be unlocked, with each of them possessing a necessary support skill to help you succeed throughout the game.

    Available Companions for Each Class

    • Smuggler
      1. Bowdaar: Melee Attacker
      2. Corso Riggs: Ranged Attacker
      3. Guss Tuno: Healer
      4. Akaavi Spar: Ranged Attacker
      5. Risha: Ranged Attacker
    • Jedi Knight
      1. Kira Carsen: Melee Attacker
      2. Doc: Healer
      3. T7-O1: Ranged Attacker
      4. Lord Scourge: Melee Attacker
      5. Sergeant Rusk: Ranged Attacker
    • Trooper
      1. Yuun: Melee Attacker
      2. Tanno Vik: Melee Attacker
      3. Aric Jorgan: Ranged Attacker
      4. M1 4X:Ranged Attacker
      5. Elara Dorne: Healer
    • Jedi Consular
      1. Tharan Cedrax: Healer
      2. Qyzen Fess: Melee Attacker
      3. Lieutenant Iresso: Ranged Attacker
      4. Nadia Grell: Melee Attacker
      5. Zenith: Ranged Attacker
    • Bounty Hunter
      1. Mako: Healer
      2. Gault: Ranged Attacker
      3. Torian Cadera: Melee Attacker
      4. Skadge: Melee Attacker
      5. Blizz: Ranged Attacker
    • Imperial Agent
      1. Kaliyo: Ranged Attacker
      2. Ensign Temple: Healer
      3. Vector: Melee Attacker
      4. Doctor Lokin: Melee Attacker
      5. SCORPIO: Ranged Attacker
    • Sith Warrior
      1. Vette: Ranged Attacker
      2. Broonmark: Melee Attacker
      3. Jaesa Willsaam: Melee Attacker
      4. Malavai Quinn: Healer
      5. Lieutenant Pierce: Ranged Attacker
    • Sith Inquisitor
      1. Ashara Zavros: Melee Attacker
      2. Andronikos Revel: Ranged Attacker
      3. Khem Val: Melee Attacker
      4. Xalek: Ranged Attacker
      5. Talos Drellik: Healer

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