Star Wars: The Old Republic Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents

  • Choosing Your Class
  • Knowing the Basics
  • Smuggler Class

    Opening Story:

    After blatantly violating the galaxy’s trade embargoes, you land on the war-torn planet of Ord Mantell and deliver a shipment of munitions to the local criminal element. Rather than paying for delivery, the gangsters decide to steal your spacecraft and strand you on the planet indefinitely. Afterwards, continue completing various missions to aid in your departure from Ord Mantell and locating the thugs who betrayed you…


    • Cyborg
    • Human
    • Mirialan
    • Twi’lek
    • Zabrak


    • Smuggler’s possess the ability to take cover during a battle, increasing their defensive and offensive resistance against long-range attacks. Staying crouched behind various objects keeps you shielded from the majority of blaster fire that comes from ahead. To locate ideal cover points, target an enemy in front of you and roll to one of the green outlines that appear by various objects.
    • Aside from being able to eliminate enemies from behind objects, the smuggler can also provide cover-fire for your companions. By targeting multiple threats at once and using rapid blaster strikes, your team can take this opportunity to either move forward to the next position or escape situations in which they have been pinned down.
    • The Smuggler’s use of stun attacks allows you to either escape from a one-sided fight or distract enemies long enough to move in at close-range and fire with more lethal accuracy.
    • Upgraded versions of the Smuggler class, improve the accuracy of your blasters to the point that you can target specific areas of an enemy’s body as a means to incapacitate.


    • At close-range, the smuggler has trouble targeting fast-moving enemies and dodging them before they’re right on top of you.
    • By taking cover as the Smuggler, you lose the majority of mobility that helps in evasive maneuvering. Enemies will be able to focus their fire on your position more effectively which can result in ambushes or a division between companions.
    • Since the the Smuggler relies on cover points as a means of defense, your armor will tend to be less effective against a consistent barrage of damage.

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