Star Wars: The Old Republic Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents

  • Choosing Your Class
  • Knowing the Basics
  • Sith Warrior Class

    Opening Story:

    Your journey as a Warrior begins on the planet of Korriban, the savage training grounds for wanna-be Sith. Upon arrival, you learn that other students of the Dark Side are present in the area and your primary concern is to derail their success by any means necessary. Use the power of your rage to knock off the competition and earn an apprenticeship with Overseer Treme, an infamous Sith Lord.


    • Cyborg
    • Human
    • Sith Pureblood
    • Zabrak


    • As a Sith Warrior, you possess a Choking ability that works as both an offensive strike and as a strategic device. This particular maneuver can drain an enemy’s life or torture their body until information is given up.
    • In terms of lightsaber combat, no class can rival the potential that Sith Warriors have to inflict the most damage possible during melee assaults. By jumping into conflicts at close range, you can clear out multiple threats with a few swipes of the blade or immediately change an enemy’s position in battle from an offensive role to a defensive one.
    • To further create an advantage during lightsaber duels, the Sith Warrior class allows you to emit a burst of dark Force energy that stuns surrounding opponents. Once you have disabled enemies with this ability, they become easy pickings for a combo melee attack that will ensure your victory in the assault.
    • Sith Warriors are also the speediest when it comes to crossing the battlefield on foot. This allows you to move in for a more comfortable close-range attack before the enemy has a chance to respond.


    • A Sith Warrior’s strength lies in focusing their powerful strikes as a combo towards a single target. This makes them less effective on solo missions, as opposed to swarming enemies as a group.
    • Due to their high proficiency with lightsaber-based attacks, the Sith Warrior has less emphasis placed on his ability to execute long-range assaults.

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