Star Wars: The Old Republic Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents

  • Choosing Your Class
  • Knowing the Basics
  • Sith Inquisitor

    Opening Story:

    You begin this class’ journey under the chains of slavery, until your character is able to discover their hidden Force potential. Once your powers are discovered, you will be whisked to the planet of Korriban to begin your training in a competitive academy setting. Once your education of the dark side begins, you’ll either need to earn the title of Inquisitor or suffer the wrath of your fellow Sith apprentices.


    • Sith Pureblood
    • Human
    • Twi’lek
    • Zabrak
    • Rattataki


    • When faced with multiple threats, a Sith Inquisitor allows you unleash a storm a lightning tornados that spin off enemies their feet and incapacitate them. Once they are downed, you can easily finish them off with lightsaber strikes.
    • To avoid being surrounded, a Sith Inquisitor can emit a burst of Force energy that will both damage and lay out any enemies in the nearby vicinity.
    • A Sith Inquisitor is most proficient when using attacks that utilize their force lightning abilities. These attacks allow you to either drain or paralyze enemies, putting them completely at your mercy.
    • Due to the long-distance possibilities of Force lightning and the melee strike offered by the lightsaber, the Sith Inquisitor class has the advantage at any range.


    • As with Jedi classes, the Inquisitor is subjected to the limitations of relying on Force energy to execute attacks. This forces you manage your assaults more efficiently but with greater difficulty.

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