Starbound – Beta Beginner’s Guide

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Quests: Learning the Basics

There’s No Place Like Home

No matter what your origin may be, every space traveler will find a new world to call home. Unfortunately, this may be forced at first. Your ship has become stranded above a strange new world and you must begin your difficult journey to find fuel to continue your travels.

Locate the ship’s storage container and take a quick look inside. Retrieve the matter manipulator and equip it to your item bar at the top of the hud. Stock up on the complimentary supplies available in storage. It is recommended that you equip the sword and flashlight.

Before continuing any further, become familiar with your inventory. You will have access to two separate backpacks and hotkeys at the top of the hud. You should keep these neatly organized for quick access to any resources you may need.

Shop Class

Sitting around doing nothing on the ship won’t get you anywhere. Start off by constructing a crafting table. Activate the teleportation platform on the left side of the ship or press the downwards arrow button on your hud. Either option will beam you down to the mysterious planet below.

Pick a direction and begin to wander around. This world is full of exploration opportunities that may result in the discovery of incredible treasures, or just death. For now, we’ll keep it simple. Locate a tree and use your previously acquired matter manipulator to knock it down. Collect the raw wood afterwards.

Open the crafting menu and hover over the table to view the required ingredients. The crafting table requires wooden planks to be constructed, so create them in the menu. Next, build the crafting table and place it on your ship. You can beam up safely by using the teleportation button on your hud while on the planet’s surface.

Food Fight

It’s time to do what we do best. You’re on an unknown planet full of alien creatures that you know nothing about. Let’s kill them. However, before you go bludgeoning forward with your hero sword, you should know that we’re trying to find food. You must make it a clean kill with a hunter’s bow.

Plant fiber is needed to create a bow. Search for vines, green trees, or various plants. Once you have the materials, return to your crafting table and make a hunter’s bow. Beam down to the planet’s surface and begin the hunt. Take a creature down with an arrow and collect the alien meat. You should practice with your timing and accuracy to become a more effective hunter.

I know you’re hungry, but the alien steak must be cooked before it can be consumed. To do this, you will need a campfire. Grab some of the torches that were available in the ship’s storage container and craft a campfire. Use the fire to cook the delicious alien meat. Do not lose your campfire, it will be useful again soon.

Out of the Frying Pan..

It’s time to dabble in one of the internet’s favorite pastimes. That’s right, it’s time to do some mining. Equip your matter manipulator and begin collecting cobblestone and coal. Cobblestone is the rocky material found below the dirt. Coal is black and can be found very commonly near the surface.

Collect enough cobblestone and coal to craft a furnace. Check the crafting recipe to see exactly how much of each material is needed. Once you are satisfied with your haul, head back to you crafting table and build the furnace.

Forging Ahead

By this point, you have probably figured out that the world below is extremely dangerous at times. Weapons, armor, and proper tools are absolutely essentially to survival. To create these, you must first craft an anvil.

For this next part, you will need iron ore. Iron cannot be harvested with the matter manipulator, so use your crafting table to build a stone pickaxe before setting off. Search the world for iron ore and stock up on it. Once you have at least two pieces of the ore, return to your furnace and smelt it into an iron bar.

First Contact

This place is getting somewhat tiring to be on, is it not? It’s about time to leave. The search for fuel has not be successful so far, and you may require assistance. To contact another ship, you require a distress beacon. You will need to acquire pixels, silver bars, copper bars, iron bars, and wooden planks.

The previous tasks have provided you with all of the skills needed to activate the beacon. Copper and iron are common and can found buried shallowly below the surface. If you find a system of tunnels, enter it and search for the required metals. Silver is located deeper than copper or iron and is harder to come by. Pixels can be collected by defeating aliens in battle on their home planet. Be cautious while collecting items. If you die, you will lose a large portion of your pixels.

Once all of the supplies have been gathered, return to your crafting table and create the distress beacon. For this next part, be sure that you are fully prepared. It is recommended that you have a set of armor, an upgraded bow, and an effective weapon. If you are not prepared, take a step back and continue collecting resources.

When you finally feel confident enough to activate the distress beacon, cute little penguins will descend from the sky to rescue you. From life. With machine guns. Equip your deadliest weapon and begin to neutralize the fluffy hostiles.

Dodge machine gun fire and explosions until the area is clear of penguins. Dig a hole in the ground and take cover from the flying saucer above. Escape the explosions and begin firing at the ship with your hunter’s bow. After a few hits, the space ship will fall from the sky and you will be safe.

Collect the molten core that was dropped by the flying saucer. This core can be used to craft a metalwork station on your ship. Unfortunately, your ship is still out of fuel and you’re still stranded on the outlandish world. It seems like you’ll have to find your own way out.

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