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Leaving the Nest: Space Travel

There’s an endless amount of worlds out there, so why spend so much time draining just one of its resources? It’s time to prepare your ship for space exploration. Space ships are essentially interplanetary steam locomotives, so you will need to find coal on the planet you are stranded on.

Coal is a very common substance and can be found in large portions near the planet’s surface. Collect a decent amount of coal and beam up to your ship. Locate the navigation deck on the right side of the vessel.

The control panel on the wall will allow you to manage your ship’s fuel. Insert any amount of coal into the device and press the large “fuel” button to burn it into the ship. The tank can hold a maximum of 1,000 fuel. This is plenty enough fuel to explore any region of the universe. Planets can take anywhere from 50 to 300 fuel to navigate to.

Fill up your ship and enter the nearby navigation seat. You will need to become familiar with the ship’s navigation system. First, you can claim a planet as your home by pressing the “set home” button on the main screen. You can return here at any point by simply choosing “go home.”

Right now, you are most likely stuck looking at a screen with only a planet and some moons. Right click to zoom out to view the entire system. A system will contain groups of planets orbiting a sun. Right click one more time to view the entire sector. Now things are beginning to seem immense. A sector contains an assortment of stars, each of which contains different planets and moons. The universe contains more worlds than you could possibly ever visit, all containing a unique set of environments and inhabitants. If that doesn’t already seem massive enough, more sectors can be unlocked by crafting starmap upgrades.

It’s time to pick a new world to explore. Most likely, this process will be random. However, you should still put some logical thought into your decision. Choose a star, and then choose a planet that you are interested in. The planet will likely come paired with a moon that can also be explored. The navigation system will offer information about the biome type and threat level. Before setting course, check how much fuel you have and what sort of situation you will be getting yourself into. You do not want to become overzealous and end up trapped on a world much beyond your skill level.

Gaze at the endless possibilities and make a final decision. Choose the world and press the tempting “go” button at the bottom of the navigation screen. If you cannot make a decision due to the overwhelming amount of choices, you can press the random button to navigate to an unknown coordinate. Once you arrive, beam down to the planet and begin your journey to find a home.

Finally, be careful during your travels. You will need different survival skills for different situations and biomes. Traversing unknown terrain can be extremely dangerous and you should be prepared for anything.

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