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If you are still a newborn explorer, the forest biome is probably the best place to start. It is extremely easy to traverse and does not pose much of a threat to miners. The forest is filled with a large amount of trees and creatures. The environment here will not attempt to kill you with every passing second.

While the desert biome is not very dangerous, it is not ideal for mining. The dry barren wasteland lacks an abundance of resources that can be collected. In fact, without proper planning it is easy to become stranded here for quite some time.

Be sure to have enough fuel for the ship’s departure and enough food to survive while visiting a desert world. Mining can also trigger the loose sand to form a dangerous landslide. Furthermore, the scorching days are followed by harsh cold nights. Bring a campfire and a tent to survive the night without freezing to death.

Snow biomes pose a true challenge to the brave explorers who choose to traverse the cold worlds. Before you even think about beaming down onto a frigid planet, place a campfire, torches, and a tent into your inventory.

The torches and campfire will raise your temperature and prevent you from freezing. The tent will allow you to quickly restore your health. Furthermore, if you plan on making your winter trip long-term, you should invest in a set of Snow Infantry armor. Special clothing will grant you winter weather resistance. Finally, be careful while mining in this biome. Deeper levels of the planet will become colder, and can even result in instant death if a campfire is not lit.

Moon biomes are home to the most freezing temperatures you will ever experience. In this type of cold, torches or a campfire will not prevent you from dying. The Snow Infantry set is absolutely essential to surviving on a moon. This environment is definitely not friendly to novice explorers.

One of the most common environmental hazards you will encounter is water. Currently, destroying background tiles is the easiest way to avoid water. Destroying the background will drain the water from the area. This method also works for green poison water. Poison water will inflict damage for a few seconds after contact and is very deadly.


Space explorers can’t just walk around in normal boring clothes using an ancient stone pickaxe, they require a bit more pizzazz. Any anvil or metalwork station can be used to upgrade your character’s weapons, armor, and tools.

If those pesky assault penguins have taught you anything, it is that weapon and armor upgrades are important to survival and efficiency. An upgraded set of armor can offer you increased defense, energy, or special perks. Also, if you find yourself trapped in a mine at night with a seemingly endless horde of monsters attacking, you’ll wish you had something more than a broken sword.

Properly maintained tools will dramatically increase your efficiency as a hunter and miner. A tool can be upgraded from stone to copper, silver, gold, platinum, and finally diamond. Unfortunately, most upgrades require a decent chunk of pixels to craft. Don’t fret though, you will only need to drop your currency on an upgrade one time. Do not waste resources by rebuilding tools. Instead, use raw ores to repair your equipment.

Your ship will come equipped with a tech station. Here, you can apply different techs found throughout the universe. Tech will offer permanent character upgrades such as speed, levitation, double jump, and teleportation.

The ship’s 3D printer can be found in the same place as the tech station. The player can scan items to create a schematic for the printer. Schematics can be used to replicate multiple copies of an item without having to locate the resources for it. However, once you scan an item in your inventory it will be destroyed. Pixels can be used at any time to craft an item at the printer.

Living Off The Land

Since you will be visiting a vast assortment of planets throughout your career as a space explorer, you will need to learn how to live off the land. First, you may notice the many unique creatures that inhabit each world. There are hostile and non-hostile monsters on each planet, each of which are randomly generated. The monsters become more hostile and difficult to kill at night, so it is recommended that you sleep to avoid them.

Some planets are home to settlers of various races. Settlers are actually able to speak to you, and often have homes and supplies. They are a good source of items such as tents, beds, or weapons. Some sectors contain boss creatures that can be summoned by using specific items. The Penguin UFO is summoned by the distress beacon, the Dragon King by the decoy princess, and the Inactive Robot by building the robot.

After spending some time working on a world, you may start to feel hungry. There are two solutions to fill your stomach. Farming is the safe solution, but takes time to actually produce food. Seeds can be planted in the ground and will eventually produce a crop. Hunting offers an instant reward, but you will risk death while battling the creatures. Weaken the monsters with melee attacks and land a lethal hit with your bow. In most cases, this will produced alien meat that can be cooked at a campfire.

Replenishing your health is fairly simple. It only requires that you find a place to sleep for the night. Tents and beds can be used for a proper rest, and your health will be fully replenished upon waking. However, if you do not have access to a bed, bandages can be crafted from plant fibers for instant health.

Most of your time will most likely be spent mining. Mining will be most effective in large underground tunnels below the planet’s surface. It is recommended that you bring torches, a campfire to stay warm, and a tent to sleep in for health. If you want to be precise, you can mine one block at a time by holding the shift key. The flashlight can be used to light up darkened areas, or background tiles can be broken to light up an area without torches. If you wish to see a darkened block out of your range, the matter manipulator can be used as a long-range flashlight. This technique is very useful when trying to find hidden ores.

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