StarCraft 2 Pro Tips – Exclusive Q&A With 2 Champs

Name: Dennis Schneider
Team: Mousesports
Age: 22
Handle: HasuObs
Location: Cologne, Germany
Got Started: Playing WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos in several smaller clans.

GF: How good does someone need to be to consider becoming a professional gamer?
Well, I think you should be better than the rest =) You need talent but the biggest part is the practice, if you practice a lot you have a good chance to reach the higher levels of gaming.

GF: How did you come to work with Razer, and how have they supported you?
I’ve been working with Razer since they started supporting mousesports. Before they sponsored us I played with brandless, cheap products. After a short time playing with Razer’s devices I got used to it. Right now, I really enjoy playing with their equipment. They support me with everything I need to play a good tournament

GF: What can you tell our readers about the new Starcraft II peripherals that are launching soon?
They were nice enough to include me in the R&D process. A lot of SC2 is about effective APM and that is how the ideas for the products came about. Different coloured lights would signal the different range of APM you are in. It’s great to keep you in check of how fast or slow you are playing.

My favourite of the 3 will be the Razer Marauder keyboard. They look really good and I like how the keys are raised and spaced out nicely. It makes typing of the keys convenient for me.

GF: Which faction do you prefer in multiplayer, or are you comfortable with all of them?
I prefer Protoss the most. Back in Brood Wars, I enjoyed playing as Zerg, but nowadays Protoss fits better for me. To be honest, I didn’t play much as Zerg and Terran so far, but I doubt I will change my Race again.

GF: Is there a certain faction for each type of player, or can any player play any faction well?
I think you should just choose the Race which fits you the most. But if you love to be a human in computer games, you should go for the Terrans =). I personally think it’s boring to play the Human race, that’s also a reason why I have chosen Protoss.

GF: Do you have any general tips for victory?
You need to be well prepared for every match, but you also need a strong mindset. You should have respect but no fear of your opponent.

GF: We’ve all seen videos of professional Starcraft players who do 500 actions per minute or whatever. How on earth do you train yourself to play that fast?
In some games it is really necessary to have high APM (actions per minute). You just get used to it when you practice a lot, it doesn’t feel that fast for the player, but it always looks impressice when you see someone having that high APMs.

GF: In any game of StarCraft II, what should be your very first priority right when the match starts?
Never forget to build workers to have a strong economy. You also should have something like a plan in your mind, how the game should go (in matters of strategy).

GF: How do you group your units? Does each unit type have a group? Or do you have big crowds of unit combinations?
Usually my main force is in group 1. My casters like Sentries or High Templar are in group 2. My Barracks and all the other production buildings are in group 3 and my Nexus is on 4. I don’t have trouble with lots of different unit types in a single group because I use TAB a lot to switch between each unit type.

GF: How aggressive should a player be?Is it best to get attacks out early, or to hold back, defend, and build up your forces?
It depends a lot on the map and the matchup. But it also depends on the personality of the player; if you are an aggressive player you should choose a aggressive strategy e.g. harassing your opponent with Stalkers.

GF: What’s the one thing that every good Starcraft II player knows that most average players don’t know?
I think that our decisions during the game are better. If you practice a lot, you gain a lot of experience so you avoid making mistakes. Very good gamers usually have a huge will to win every game. There is a big hunger inside of us and if we lose a match, we watch the replay straight away to realize what went wrong and what has to be done better next time.

GF: Off the topic of multiplayer, have you played the single player out at all? If so, what do you think of it?
Yes, I finished the single player campaign. I really enjoyed playing the single player game. I love the new interface and I love the variation of each mission. Everyone who played the SC/BW single player games will be satisfied with the SC2 campaign.

GF: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Is there anything else that you think our readers should know about playing Starcraft II professionally?
Thanks for the interview. Just remember to get good equipment, to have a strong mindset and practice as much as you can if you want to reach the top.

We’d like to thank both of these Starcraft pros for taking time out of their busy schedule of crushing opponents to chat with us. We’d also like to thank Razer for hooking us up with these guys. If you’d like to know more about the Starcraft 2 peripherals that were mentioned in the interview, you can get all the info onRazer’s site.

Now, shouldn’t you be heading back to Yeah, I thought so.

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On September 1, 2010 at 10:27 am

That blonde kid looks like he dyed his hair bleach. Not to mention he looks a bit fruity. Gaming isn’t a sport. Only basement dwellers would consider it. Because none of them have the skill and capability to go outside and actually run or do a real “professional” sport.


On September 2, 2010 at 9:20 am

just like how Poker aint sport and its been showing on TV for how long now?

I believe it is a sport.. not physically but mentally.


On September 2, 2010 at 9:31 am

are you a pro gamer, or professional sport player? if not, then continue to whine how he’s done something big with his life while you’re in the fast food chains.

The Witch King

On October 7, 2010 at 6:51 am

The above three comments=”the internet”

The Witch King

On October 7, 2010 at 6:53 am

Oh, and Blah, you can be a pro gamer, and do sports. I do that, and i know many other people that do that.

The Witch King

On October 7, 2010 at 6:55 am

But you have to admit, that blonde kid looks like a fake!