Starcraft Pros On TV

If you’re wondering why Blizzard took the Starcraft 2 announcement to Korea, here’s why. Starcraft is a religion there. This video shows you how serious they take their Starcraft. This is a recent televised match between Starcraft legend SlayerS_’BoxeR’ (real name Lim Yo-Hwan) and Nal_rA (real name Kang Min). Even if you don’t like Starcraft, you should watch some of this just to see what a professionally televised video game match looks like. Again, remember, Starcraft is huge in Korea, and the fans at this match reiterate that point.

If you want to learn how the pros play Starcraft, or if you just need a refresher for the upcoming sequel, this 30-minute vid delivers the goods. Anyone here think they can compete at this level?

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2 Comments on Starcraft Pros On TV


On May 29, 2007 at 11:16 am

I dunno… I play a lot of people who use similar tactics – hit and runs extensively, quick drops, kiting etc etc. Most of my wins just comes from picking a smart counter whereas alot of players that practice all these high-end techniques get pigeon-holed into a certain build order for their specific tactics. For example, as a terran player, I would have had a barracks built in the tosses base before he had a gateway building… if either of these players made an aggressive early move and sacrificed mineral count, they would have made it a very short-game, they were both too conservative in the early stages and would have lost in many games.

In the end, I assume they’ve both played each other lots and have kind of progressed to a point where they respect each other too much to deem it economical for a rush, but sometimes a quick reality check and a surprise tossed into the mix goes a long way.

Jim Tudor

On May 29, 2007 at 10:54 pm

Erich, you make good points but you lack backgound info to make those judgement. Those techniques, dropship, kitting you highlighted is created and perfected by none other than Boxer, the rightfully named Terran emperor, in his prime around 1999-2002 when Terrans were deemed the weakest race in the top amateur’s and pro’s eyes. His innovation and great sense of the game as a Terran made him win a large number of esteemed tournaments in korea (which completely dominates the world in terms of starcraft skills proven year after year in world matches) and also was world champion for two years. The point that you made if they played in b. net they would lose is incorrect, you only really have a chance of being a pro if you are in the top 5 of b. net rankings and get noticed by sponsors. However, due to just the nature of competition there is a large difference in skill between average pro and top amateur in the pros favour of course. yes, people play like that but not that, pros’ sense of the game is unrivaled and with their average apm(actions per minute) of around 300 to 500 (or 5 to 8 actions per second) and supreme micro and macro skills. They leave b. net behind like graduating from elementary school. Nal_ra, the dreamer protoss, could have easily ended your plan of victory. One point you make that does hold truth is that yes pros usually play with a conservative nature, due to two reasons. Respect and also they usually don’t gamble away everything because each game they win can amount in bucket loads of money or they just threw it away in a all or nothing rush. That doesn’t mean they can’t, just watch some youtube videos of boxer’s many rushes and you will see what I mean.