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  1. Enter flight and boost straight forward into the distance to get clear of the surrounding battle, then tour around and begin your approach towards the enemy dropships below.
  2. Fend off the Hawks as you collect ammo for your special weaponry, then continue attacking the nearby enemies and activate a cut scene.
  3. Fly towards the next on-screen icon in the distance to reach the train and navigate through the open car to collect the Torpedo weapon.
  4. Head towards the floating landmass where the red forcefield is located and hold down the trigger to enter the torpedo targeting screen, then aim the the crosshairs at one of the dropships below and release the button when the two control bars are full to fire a missile into it.
  5. Ignore the surrounding Hawks and return to the train collect another Torpedo, then circle back around to target and destroy another dropship.
  6. Clear out the remaining dropships occupying the other floating landmasses and activate another cut scene, then circle around the train where the health items is located and use evasive maneuvers to survive the beam turret assault.
  7. Fly towards the large enemy ship and use your swarm lasers to begin targeting the various turrets attached to it, then begin using these weapons and a variety of others to destroy the large guns.
  8. As you move in close alongside the ship to destroy the beam turrets, use your afterburner boost and stronger weaponry to get out of this dangerous situation more quickly.
  9. Return to the train in between each assault on the large enemy ship for the purposes of refilling your Hawk’s ammo and health.
  10. Approach the enemy ship at long distances from multiple directions to eventually destroy the beam turrets covering the front, rear and both sides of its massive hull.
  11. After the next cut scene, fly towards the next onscreen diamond icon that appears and land on the indicated land mass below, then build a pair of beam turrets nearby and standby as they begin to destroy the containment array.
  12. Build as many auto turrets as you can to protect the beam turrets and an A.R.M. to repair your Hawk when necessary, then back up to take cover behind a nearby rock formation and use your Hawk to shoot down the fleet of attacking vulture enemies that arrive after the next cut scene.
  13. Construct an outpost or several more auto-turrets around the beam turrets before the enemy Hawks begin to arrive, then destroy the opposing mech’s using stomp attacks and special weaponry.
  14. Replace the beam turrets if they are destroyed and focus the majority of your firepower on the newest enemy Hawks that drop down onto the landmass, then continue protecting the beam turrets until a cut scene activates.
  15. Enter flight and return to the traincar to acquire a torpedo, then turn back towards the large enemy ship below and approach the previous landmass to target the opening created by the beam turrets you constructed earlier.
  16. Aim the torpedo launcher’s crosshairs directly into the hole that has been blown into the side of the ship, then fire the rocket to activate a cut scene in which the containment array is severely damaged.
  17. Afterwards, use evasive maneuvers and weaponry that locks on to clear out the next large wave of Outcast Hawks.
  18. Fly towards the next diamond icon that appears onscreen and land on the floating landmass in which the red forcefield is located, then build a pair of beam turrets, an A.R.M. and as many auto-turrets as possible.
  19. Use your Hawk to protect the beam turrets and fight off the invading enemy forces in the same manner as you did before to activate another cut scene.
  20. Afterwards, re-enter flight to acquire a torpedo and fire it as you did before through the hole that’s been made in the side of the large enemy ship.
  21. Following the next cut scene, pick up another torpedo and fire it into the large enemy ship’s rift core to complete this mission.
  22. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Sever (Bronze): Complete mission 9: “Sever”.

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