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  1. Head towards the onscreen diamond icon in the distance and pick up the ammo supplies you find along the way, then continue past the green-lit crash site of the Logan’s ship and activate a cut scene.
  2. Afterwards, take cover behind some nearby debris and equip your rifle to score head-shots on the enemies that begin appearing ahead.
  3. Clear out the wave of enemies and continue moving forward across the the rocky terrain, then approach the diamond icon in the distance to reach another green=lit area and turn take the right path at the fork in the road.
  4. Use your rifle to eliminate the enemies blocking the path ahead and continue moving uphill as the environment’s overall color changes from green to red, then crouch down at the top of the incline and equip the railgun for sniping purposes.
  5. Aim the railgun towards the enemies patrolling the ground below and take them out one-by-one, then drop down over the edge and continue sprinting towards the large flame in the distance.
  6. Make your way up another steep incline and drop over the edge at the top, then approach the rift energy in front of you and collect the ammo supplies on the left.
  7. Continue collecting ammo as you get closer to the rift energy and take cover behind the debris located right in front of it, then use your rifle with grenades and destroy the two creatures standing guard to activate a cut scene.
  8. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Family Reunion (Bronze): Meet Logan face-to-face in “The Source”.
  9. Afterwards, immediately charge towards Logan and score multiple headshots using your rifle to cause him significant damage.
  10. Run towards Logan while firing until you are right next to him, then follow up your assault with a series of close-range knife slashes until a burst of blue electricity covers the screen.
  11. Refill your ammo supply and locate Logan’s new position in the area, then repeat the previous attack to continue wearing down the boss’ health.
  12. Re-use the sprinting rifle attack with knife slash follow-up against Logan until another cut scene is activated, then build a pair of beam turrets in front of the Rift Entity and retreat to the rock formations behind you that surround the boss’ location.
  13. Equip the railgun and find cover amongst the rocks to get a vantage point on the Rift Entity in the distance, then begin opening fire on the enemy’s face and region to begin doling out consistent damage.
  14. Once you have run out of sniper ammo, build a supply bunker to acquire a MAW and use the rocket launcher to continue striking the Rift Entity in the head.
  15. Avoid the multiple green targeting circles that frequently appear on the ground and continue wearing down the boss’ health until he disappears.
  16. Approach the rift energy that was previously being guarded to build a few auto-turrets and walls in front of it, then construct a rig over the energy to activate a cut scene.
  17. Afterwards, use your knife strikes to help fend off the enemies that attack on foot until another cut scene is activated in which the Rift Entity returns.
  18. Build a pair of beam turrets and a launch pad, then take control of the Hawk that drops down and re-enter flight begin firing upon the Rift Entity flying above.

  19. Continuously strike the Rift Entity with weaponry that is able to lock on until the boss crashes back to the ground, then land your Hawk and build a new rig in place of the old one to activate another cut scene.
  20. Afterwards, build a series of auto-turrets around the rig and defend it from invading ground forces by sprinting at them with knife strikes.
  21. Continue defending the rig until another cut scene activates in which the Rift Entity returns, then build a beam turret or two in front of him and help wear the boss down with rifle shots to his face.
  22. Build and replace to turrets to continuously wear down the Rift Enemy until he is destroyed, then build another rig over the rift energy to complete the game.
  23. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Source (Bronze): Complete mission 10: “The Source”

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