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  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to move forward and approach the Sidewinder in front of you, then jump into the driver’s seat and hit the gas to follow your partner along the dirt trail ahead.
  2. Continue following your partner along the twisting dirt road until he comes to a stop outside of the next small town, then dismount from the Sidewinder and proceed on foot.
  3. Take cover with your partner behind the large boulder ahead and aim towards the roof of the building on the left, then zoom in with the currently-equipped weapon and take out the threat firing upon you from a distance.
  4. Sprint to the front of the building and pick up the ammo supplies, then climb the ladder on the left side of the structure and pick up a new weapon from the fallen enemy.
  5. Drop back to the ground and return to the Sidewinder’s driver seat, then head towards the diamond-shaped icon on your map until you reach the next work site.
  6. Dismount next to the abandoned Sidewinder that’s been left in the middle of the dirt road and take cover behind the boulder formation beside you.
  7. Eliminate the ground enemy in front of the building in the distance to your left and the one perched on the same structure’s burning rooftop above, then move forward to rejoin with your partner and help him in continuing to clear out any remaining threats in the area.
  8. Return to the Sidewinder and drive it forward along the previously-used dirt road, then continue in the direction of the next objective indicated on your map until there is a massive blue explosion in front of you.
  9. Enter Mining Site 17 and take cover next to your partner behind the first building you come across, then climb the yellow ladder nearby to reach the rooftop above and crouch down to avoid taking damage.
  10. Approach the top right corner of the rooftop and use the provided cover to safely locate each source of enemy gunfire below that’s being directed at your partner.
  11. Utilize your weapon’s scope capabilities to scan the area for pulses of opposing blue light and clear out each enemy that’s hiding behind cover in the distance below by using gunfire or throwing any currently-equipped grenades.
  12. Wait for your troops to advance across the field below, then aim towards the enemies that are now firing from the rightmost building ahead and shoot the red barrels behind them to cause an explosion.
  13. Drop back to the ground and rejoin your team in the battle ahead, while picking up ammo along the way, then help clear out the remaining enemies that occupy the last building and move towards it to activate a cut scene.
  14. Afterwards, follow the on-screen instructions to enter the Build Menu and choose the Rift Extractor at the top to repair the rig in front of you.
  15. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Ready Up (Bronze):
Use Build & Battle for the first time in the campaign.
  16. Once the Extractor has been repaired, approach the barrels that were dropped in front of you and destroy them to collect Rift Energy for future building projects.
  17. Turn around and approach the ruins to the right of the Rift Extractor, then enter the Build Menu and drop a supply bunker right on top of the crumbling foundation.
  18. Climb on top of the Supply Bunker you just built and drop through the opening in the rooftop to reach the inside, then collect the nearby rocket launcher and equip it.
  19. Return to the rooftop above and crouch down to take cover, then aim towards the wave of approaching enemies in the distance below and being clearing them out before they can do damage to the rig.
  20. Keep the majority of your fire trained on enemies that are not currently being attacked by teammates or the ones that have managed to breach the non-existent outer wall.
  21. After a cut scene is activated in which you are warned of an approaching breed of creature known as Scrappers, grab more ammo from within the the bunker and drop back to the ground.
  22. Move towards the area that the previous wave of enemies approached from and stop in front of the indicated construction site, then enter the Build Menu and choose the “Wall” option.
  23. Build as many walls as you can across the openings in the mining site’s defenses and upgrade them into “Gates” by approaching the indicated monitors, then take your position back on top of the supply bunker and begin eliminating the Scrappers as they come.
  24. Clear the area of Scrappers and enter the Build Menu, then begin selecting auto turrets to place one in front of the outer walls you’ve built and one in front of the supply bunker.
  25. Take your position on top of the supply bunker and replace the auto turrets whenever they are destroyed while assisting in the elimination of the next wave of enemies.
  26. Clear out the final wave of enemies to activate a cut scene and approach the road previously used by the Scrappers to attack your mining site, then enter the Build Menu and select the “Corral” option.
  27. Build a Corral on the dirt road that leads to the Fueling Depot and jump into the driver’s seat of the Sidewinder that appears, then drive forward and follow the trail until you are attacked by an enemy perched on a high rock formation.
  28. Dismount from your vehicle and take out the enemy firing upon you from above, then continue along the trail using the Sidewinder and stop to kill additional opponents along the way.
  29. Cross the covered bridge and approach the Fuel Depot on your right until the building explodes in a massive fireball, then continue towards the burning structure and dismount just outside the perimeter.
  30. Build a supply depot outside of enemy fire and gather additional ammo, then climb onto its rooftop and erect a couple of auto turrets in front of the opponents ahead.
  31. Take out the enemies from the supply depot’s rooftop by firing rockets at the larger groups, then finish clearing the area to activate a cut scene and return to the Sidewinder.
  32. Drive the Sidewinder off the edge of the nearby cliff to land at the bottom of the canyon below and return to Mining Site 17, then dismount from the vehicle and enter a supply depot to arm yourself with rockets before the Hawks arrive.
  33. After the Hawks begin attacking the mining site, aim your rocket launcher into the air and follow the onscreen instructions to lock onto the enemy planes with heat-seeking missiles.
  34. If you are having trouble trouble tracking the Hawks above, follow the path of their jet-streams or run out to a further distance to get a clearer perspective on them.
  35. Use heat-seeking missiles to blow the Hawks out of the air and continuously run back and forth between cover to avoid being killed, then return to the supply depot to refill your ammo and eliminate the remaining enemies to complete this level.
  36. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Homecoming (Bronze): Complete mission 1: Homecoming.

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