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  1. Jump into the cockpit of the Hawk in front of you and walk forward through the door that opens to enter flight, then follow the on-screen instructions to steer between the trail of red lights ahead.
  2. Navigate your Hawk through the turns of the Red Lane, then follow the on-screen instructions to execute an Afterburner boost and a Braking maneuver.
  3. Continue steering through the red lane until you can hover above the next platform to your left, then press the indicated button to land on the surface below and activate a cut scene.
  4. Afterwards, re-enter flight and make your way towards the next platform ahead to land on the indicated surface area.
  5. Following the second cut scene, enter flight and boost towards the Scab Hawk circling the area in the distance.
  6. An enemy Hawk’s position will be indicated on your screen as a transparent circle or as an arrow symbol if the opponent is located off-screen.
  7. Move in close behind the Scab Hawk and keep the crosshair trained on the enemy jet until the sights go into auto-lock, then discharge short burst of machine-gun fire to destroy the opponent without overheating your weapon.
  8. Boost towards the symbol that appears on-screen to reach the Asteroid Cluster and encounter two more Scab Hawks, then fly towards both enemies head-on and press the indicated button to release flares so that their missiles don’t damage your vessel.
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to learn the Powerslide and Evasive Dodge maneuvers, then use these tactics paired with boosting to navigate around the two Scab Hawks and destroy them.
  10. Try to stay behind the two enemy vessels at all time to avoid being fired on from off-screen and use the Powerslide maneuver to continue pursuit if the Scab Hawks mange to fly past you in the opposite direction.
  11. Evade incoming missiles by dodging to the left or right just before the rockets make contact and continue wearing the Scab Hawks down with machine-gun fire until they are both destroyed.
  12. Boost towards the next symbol that appears on-screen to investigate the Mining Platform and activate a cut scene, then pick up Swarm Laser ammo by approaching the supply cache ahead on the left and flying through the indicated marker.
  13. When the next two Scab Hawks arrive on the scene, get one of them in your sights and hold down the indicated buttons to lock on with the Swarm Lasers.
  14. Continue holding down the Swarm Lasers button and track the enemy with your crosshairs for as long as possible to increase the number of projectiles you will fire upon him at once.
  15. You can lock onto multiple enemy vessels at once with Swarm Lasers and fire them from a greater distance as well.
  16. Release the trigger to fire however many lasers you were able to lock on with, then continue this style of attack while using the evasive maneuvers learned earlier to eventually eliminate both Scab Hawks.
  17. Fly through the purple symbol from earlier to reload the Swarm Lasers and fly through the red symbol nearby it to repair your Hawk’s armor.
  18. When the next wave of enemies arrives, use a combination of machine-gun fire and Swarm Lasers to destroy the four Scab Hawks as quickly as possible.
  19. Use boosts and evasive dodges to stay out of danger when surrounded or surrounded by multiple enemies at once, then begin picking them off one by one with Swarm Laser attacks until the area is clear to complete the level.
  20. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Freightway (Bronze): Complete mission 2: “The Freightway”.

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