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  1. Make effective use of your Swarm Laser weaponry to eliminate packs of multiple enemies at once and utilize dodge maneuvers, powerslides or afterburner boosts to evade taking damage.
  2. Throughout the dogfight, you can find swarm laser ammo to the right of the Rift Generator (the continuous jet of green flame attached to the main vessel) and you can find armor repair all around the main vessel or beneath the various other ships flying above it.
  3. Clear the area of all remaining Scab Hawks and land on the indicated platform, then use the vehicle’s machine-guns and stomping ability to eliminate the wave of surrounding enemies.
  4. Dismount from your Hawk and approach the door indicated by the diamond-shaped map marker to activate a cut scene, then return to the previous cargo deck area and open the Build Menu.
  5. Place auto turrets at three opposite sides of the cargo deck and build two walls in front of the ramps that lead to the door you’re opening.
  6. Enter the depot to refill your ammo and jump back into the Hawk’s cockpit before the next wave of enemies arrives, then begin clearing the area with a combination of machine-gun fire and shockwave stomps.
  7. Stay around the middle of the cargo deck to stomp out enemies that arrive in this area and use machine-gun fire to eliminate Scabs that appear on the upper decks to your right or left.
  8. Finish clearing the cargo deck before your Hawk catches fire or finish the job on foot from behind one of the walls you built, then return to the previous door and enter the station.
  9. Make your way over to the control panel ahead on the left and press the indicated button to cycle the airlock, then climb the series of ramps in front of you to eventually reach a control room at the top.
  10. Approach the console at the back of the room to utilize the defense system and activate a cut scene, then make your way back down the previous ramp and turn left.
  11. Eliminate the enemies waiting behind the door that suddenly opens and move forward through this new corridor, then approach the console ahead on the right to cycle the airlock and exit the station.
  12. Take out the enemies waiting for you outside and move towards the path that leads around on the right, then begin building auto-turrets beside the groups of enemies ahead to eliminate them quickly and continue forward.
  13. Jump off the ledge on your left to land on the level below and head down the next ramp in front of you, then place a series of auto turrets across the Rift Deck to clear the area of enemies and approach the enormous jet green flame.
  14. Build a Rift Extractor over the indicated area to activate a cut scene, then face the open deck area that the Scabs will soon be approaching from and place a turret in front of each entry point marked by a red symbol.
  15. Place a supply depot in front of the rift signal and defend it with a pair of walls, then refill on ammo and stand with your back to the depot.
  16. Climb the tall yellow ladder to your left and wait for the waves of Scab enemies to arrive, then pick off the ones that appear on the upper platform beside you and allow the turrets to do the rest of the work below.
  17. You can find Rift Barrels on the lowest deck directly across from the Rift Signal and on the next highest deck beside the yellow ladder you just climbed.
  18. Use scoped rifle shots to eliminate enemies within your range and replace auto-turrets whenever one of them is destroyed, then continue clearing the area until you the see the symbol appear for an incoming Scab Hawk.
  19. Drop down onto the next highest deck below you and approach the Scab Hawk symbol, then build as many auto turrets as you can around it before the enemy vessel arrives.
  20. Use your rocket launcher to help the auto turrets in destroying the Scab Hawk and activate a cut scene, then enter the Build Menu to construct a Launch Pad and enter a Hawk of your own.
  21. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Man vs. Machine (Bronze): Defeat the mech in “Harvest Season”.
  22. Enter flight and fend off the Scab Hawks with your laser swarm weaponry until another cut scene activates, then approach the supply train and fly towards the car that has just opened its doors.
  23. Fly through the yellow symbol within the newly-opened boxcar to acquire Homing Missiles, then boost back into the fight and begin tailing your first target.
  24. Select the Homing Missiles as your primary weapon and hold down the trigger, then target a Scab Hawk in the near distance and hold the crosshairs over the enemy vessel until the red triangular sights can lock on completely.
  25. Release the trigger to fire a Homing Missile and destroy the target, then continue using this weapon in combination with machine-gun fire and swarm lasers.
  26. Stay within close vicinity to the long supply train now floating above the rift signal and fly through one of its open boxcars whenever you run out of Homing Missiles or your Hawk’s armor is severely damaged.
  27. Try to target the Scab Hawks that have become separated from the rest of their squadron and fire upon them whether you are in pursuit or attacking head-on.
  28. Clear the area of all remaining enemies to complete this mission.
  29. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Harvest Season (Bronze): Complete mission 3: “Harvest Season”.

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