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  1. Press the indicated button to exit the escape pod and turn around, then slide down the ladder and begin moving up the trail in front of you.
  2. Follow the trailer around to find your team and make a right beneath the bridge, then begin firing on the enemies in the distance and wait for the next cut scene to activate.
  3. Afterwards, take cover beneath the bridge to evade the sniper lasers and open your build men to construct a Watchtower nearby.
  4. Climb into the nest of the watchtower and pick up the Rail Gun, then duck into cover and take out the snipers below one-by-one by zooming in with the rifle’s scope.
  5. Continue clearing the area below with your sniper rifle or grenades and occasionally duck back behind cover to reload or evade oncoming gunfire, then wait until the next cut scene passes and slide down the nearby ladder to return to the ground.
  6. Head towards the objective indicated by the map marker in the distance and take cover along the way to take out snipers on the surrounding cliffs above, then approach the facility at the top of the hill and climb the steps on your right.
  7. When you reach the next level above, head to the far left side of the platform and climb the next set of steps to your right.
  8. Climb the ladder directly to your left, then approach the on-screen icon to use the control panel and activate a cut scene.
  9. Afterwards, make your way down to the Rift Processor and open the build menu to begin constructing defenses around the device.
  10. Grab rift energy from the barrels on either side of the platform, then build a series of auto -turrets on the dirt road in front of the rift processor and construct a watchtower behind it.
  11. Climb into the watchtower and reload your rail gun, then aim towards the red skull icon on the road below and wait for the enemies to begin appearing.
  12. Clear out the enemies below with your sniper rifle and replace auto-turrets whenever they are destroyed, then build a supply bunker if you want to finish the job with a rocket launcher assault.
  13. Make your way to the side of the platform marked with the next red icon and build another series of auto-turrets in front of the indicated launch pad, then stand near the mechanized guns and assist in eliminating the second wave of enemies to activate a cut scene.
  14. Approach the rift processor and add a few more auto-turrets to the dirt road below, then use your rail gun and grenades to continuously wear down the new larger enemy until he is defeated.
  15. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Harder They Fall (Bronze): Defeat the Apex Warrior in “The Pipeline”.
  16. After the cut scene, enter the build menu to construct a Launch Pad and use the Hawk mech to begin the air battle.
  17. Boost straight up into the air to get clear of the initial firefight you enter, then turn around to survey the battle scenario and begin navigating through the facility below to collect weapons for your Hawk.
  18. Chase down and destroy the Scab Hawks attacking the indicated junctions by using a combination of all your weaponry, then weave through the openings in the facilities structure if you need to escape from danger.
  19. Boost towards the junction markers that glow red first to protect the ones currently under attack before they are destroyed and use machine-gun fire to wear down opponents nil you can finish them off with more powerful weaponry.
  20. Try to refill your swarm lasers, armor repair and homing missiles as often as possible to defeat the Scab Hawks with higher proficiency.
  21. To keep a consistent watch on the integrity of the junctions you’re meant to protect, boost in a continuous circle around the edge of the facility below and open fire on enemies when necessary.
  22. After the cut scene, fill your arsenal with Cluster Bombs and approach the next set of red icons that have appeared on the facility below.
  23. Fly in low above the indicated platforms and hit the groups of enemies with a cluster bomb attack before veering back up into the air, then continue around to the next area marked nearby.
  24. Move between the areas being invaded by the enemy armies and clear them away one-by-one with cluster bomb strikes by approaching from a distance to get a clear shot on the target.
  25. After the next cut scene, boost away from the facility below to draw Scab Hawks into the open surrounding swamp area and power slide twice to turn around for the kill.
  26. Finish clearing the skies of Scab Hawks, then land on the indicated platform below to assist the rifters by stomping out and shooting up the surrounding enemy forces.
  27. After the next cut scene, enter the build menu and construct a series of auto-turrets in a circle around the orange landing symbol on the level below.
  28. Re-enter your Hawk and have it repaired if necessary, then wait for the next wave of enemies to appear and assist the auto-turrets in wiping them out by firing cluster bombs.
  29. Target the larger creatures that appear first and land nearby to execute stomping attacks if necessary, then return to the air and continuing clearing out the enemy forces below to activate another cut scene.
  30. Afterwards, land on the orange symbol currently under attack and indicated by a transparent dome of white light.
  31. Clear away the surrounding enemies, then enter the build menu to construct a shield generator over the indicated symbol and continue surveying the onslaught until the mission is complete.
  32. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Pipeline (Bronze): Complete mission 4: “The Pipeline”.

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