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  1. Press the indicated button to exit the escape pod and immediately begin opening fire on the enemies guarding the nearby rift generator, then rush towards the structure on foot and continue to clear away the surrounding threats.
  2. Stay on the run, while making effective use of melee strikes and headshots to efficiently eliminate the enemy forces swarming around the drop zone.
  3. After the area has been cleared, enter the build menu to construct a rig on top of the rift energy and activate a cut scene in which you learn about other generators under enemy control
  4. Use the build menu to construct a Garage, a few Outposts and a supply bunker, then refill your ammo in the bunker and jump into the driver’s seat of an available Razorback vehicle.
  5. Press the indicated button to honk the Razorback’s horn and call over two teammates to join you in the vehicle, then drive across the desert landscape towards the red icons indicated on your map.
  6. Just before reaching one of the enemy rigs, switch places with the teammate manning the Razorback’s rear turret and allow the new driver to continue taking you towards the battle.
  7. As your teammate drives in a circle around the rig, use the turret to clear away enemies guarding the area and to continuously weaken the rift structure until it explodes.
  8. If there are few enemies remaining or if your teammate is driving too fast to make accurate shots, jump out of the Razorback and finish the job on foot at close-range.
  9. There will be proximity explosive located near each rig that can be thrown and attached to the side of the structure, then shoot these mines to detonate them and assist in the overall demolition process.
  10. Once the rig is destroyed and enemies in the area have been exterminated, use the build menu to drop a Rift Extractor on the broken structure and return to your Razorback’s turret seat.
  11. As your teammate drives up to the next enemy rift facility, jump out of the vehicle and begin moving towards the first sniper tower that surrounds the area.
  12. Use the MAW weapon to destroy each of the sniper towers that encircle the rig and return to your Razorback, then honk the horn to call teammates over and shift back into the turret position.
  13. Spray continuous fire into the crowd of enemies covering the area and the rig they built to protect the rift energy, then jump out of the Razorback and enter the build menu.
  14. Build a rift extractor on top of the rig you just destroyed to activate a cut scene, then jump back into the driver’s seat of your Razorback and navigate it towards the onscreen red car icon that’s currently counting down.
  15. Construct a series of auto-turrets in a circle around the nearby rig you’re mean to protect and build an outpost as well for additional men, then jump into the turret of your Razorback and wait for the enemies to arrive.
  16. Take out the creature manning enemy Razorback’s turret first, then finish off the entire vehicle with continuous sprays of gunfire or a well-placed grenade or missile.
  17. You can also build walls across the dirt roads leading into the area that surrounds the rig and place turrets on top of them for additional protection.
  18. Continuously replace your army and defensive structures until the waves of attack cease to activate a cut scene, then drive across the desert in the direction of the onscreen diamond-shaped icon and navigate through the narrow canyon.
  19. Drive at full speed through the enemy-infested canyon, without stopping, to reach the Lifter as quickly as possible without taking too much damage.
  20. For the sake of ease and acquiring rift energy, you can eliminate large crowds of enemies on foot by simply running them over with the Razorback.
  21. Upon reaching the Lifter, take cover behind a nearby wall of debris and use your rifle to begin clearing the area of enemies.
  22. Build an outpost and a series of auto-turrets to help you fight off the remaining enemy forces, then construct a few walls and asupply bunker in front of the Lifter to provide additional protection.
  23. Use a MAW, at close-range, to help you destroy the indicated gate standing directly across from the lifter’s position.
  24. Retreat back to the lifter and blow up the first wave of enemies that begins to pour through the opening in the destroyed gate, then continue fending off the approaching army until another cut scene activates.
  25. Afterwards, build walls in front of the indicated entry points that the enemy Razorback will soon be arriving by and protect them with auto-turrets.
  26. Take shelter on top of a wall or within the supply bunker, then use your MAW to begin clearing out the enemies and their vehicles so that the lifter remains intact.
  27. Use a strategy that combines wall defenses, rocket launcher strikes and auto-turret placement to keep the next two enemy waves at bay, then continue protecting the lifter from destruction until a cut scene activates in which Scab Hawks arrive.
  28. Refill your MAW’s ammo at the supply bunker and climb onto the building’s roof, then eliminate the Scab Hawks and various other enemy forces that approach to complete this mission.
  29. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Ballard’s Crossin (Bronze): Complete mission 5: “Ballard’s Crossing”.

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