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  1. Press the indicated button to exit the escape pod and head up the ramp directly in front of you, then move slightly to the left across the platform at the top and take out enemies along the way.
  2. Make your way towards the sign that says “Service Platform” and approach the two sets of steps, then take out the enemies below you by first taking cover behind the pillar at the top of the stairs and building an outpost or some auto-turrets nearby.
  3. Eliminate the remaining enemies with your team and move down the steps towards the indicated platform, then climb the series of ramps ahead until a cut scene activates.
  4. Afterwards, land on the lowest platform ahead of you to collect rift energy from the nearby barrels and build a Vulture Station.
  5. Build a supply bunker and collect MAW ammo from within, then follow the on-screen instructions to lift off the ground with the vulture and fly towards the nearest indicated turret.
  6. As you descend towards the base of the first turret, fire rockets directly into the cannon and destroy it by zooming in with the scope first.
  7. Be sure to run to the edge of the platform you’re on before lifting off with the vulture and only fire the boosters for as long as necessary to rise and descend beside the target without running out of fuel.
  8. Fly or sprint over to the next nearest turret and destroy it as well, then rise or descend to a level of the structure in which another target is located.
  9. Use the red icons on your map to locate and destroy the Flak Turrets with the MAW until its rockets are depleted, then toss grenades or switch over to the rifle and wear down each of the cannons with long bursts of gunfire until they explode.
  10. When rising to a platform above you with the vulture, try to land on other platforms or surfaces along the way to ensure that the jetpack’s fuel never runs out.
  11. The best strategy for eliminating the flak turrets is by starting on the lowest level and making your way up to the top of the structure until there are none left.
  12. If you should run into enemies also strapped with Vultures along the way, try to get them to land nearby and then take them out with a knife strike.
  13. Destroy all remaining Flak Turrets to activate a cut scene, then clear the area around you of vulture enemies and enter the build menu to construct a Launch Pad.
  14. Jump into the cockpit of the Hawk that is now available and enter flight, then boost straight up into the air and turn around to get a safe perspective on the enemies below.
  15. Boost towards the train cars that are under attack and target the Outcast dropships with your swarm lasers, then wait until you are within close range and open fire to cause extensive damage.
  16. Circle back around towards the train car and fly through its center to collect additional weaponry, then switch over to homing missiles and use them to destroy the Outcast dropships.
  17. Ignore the Scab Hawks deployed around you and wear down the dropships with special weapons or machine gun fire until they are all destroyed, then refill your ammo and begin targeting the enemy planes.
  18. Use evasive maneuvers, weapons with lock-on targeting and health items to survive the ensuing dogfight, then eliminate the remaining Scab Hawks to activate a cut scene.
  19. Afterwards, fly towards the red onscreen symbol with a countdown beneath it and land on the indicated platform before opening your build menu.
  20. Collect rift energy from the nearby barrels and construct two Beam Turrets near the center of the elongated surface, then repeat this process on the platform located at the opposite side of the cargo car.
  21. Enter flight ro refill your Hawk’s ammo, specifically with cluster bombs and homing missiles.
  22. Wait for the enemies to begin arriving and attack the dropships with your homing missiles, then circle back around and take out the ground forces with low-flying cluster bomb assaults.
  23. After the dropships have been destroyed, land on the platform invaded by ground enemies and use your Hawk to eradicate them with stomping shockwave attacks.
  24. Re-enter flight and repair your Hawk just as the Scabs begin to arrive, then assist the beam turrets planted earlier in clearing them from the sky.
  25. When the third countdown begins, land on the platforms surrounding your cargo to begin building a series of auto-turrets and then re-enter flight to continue fighting off the Scab Hawks.
  26. Clear out the remaining Scab Hawks to activate a cut scene, then land on the platform marked with multiple red icons to begin building auto turrets and beam turrets.
  27. Repeat this process on the other platform in front of the exposed cargo and use one of the nearby mechanical arms to repair your Hawk, then stay on the platform to wait for the dropships to arrive.
  28. Target the dropships with swarm lasers and machine gun fire to destroy the enemy vessels, then re-enter flight and use homing missiles to finish off the dropships on the other side.
  29. Land amongst the enemy ground units to stomp them out with your Hawk’s sonic wave or to build additional auto-turrets, then repair the mech as often as possible and continue to destroy the invading forces.
  30. Allow your beam turrets to fend off the wave of Scab Hawks that arrive next and use your own mech to eliminate the larger warrior creatures that appear as well.
  31. Prevent the cargo from being destroyed until another cut scene activates, then use evasive tactics to survive the legion of Scab Hawks swarming around you.
  32. Continue fighting off and escaping from the surrounding enemies until a diamond-shaped icon appears onscreen, then use your afterburners to boost towards it and activate a cut scene before the timer runs out to complete the mission.
  33. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Train Robbery (Bronze): Complete mission 6: “Train Robbery”.

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