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  1. Press the indicated button to exit the drop pod and make your way forward up the road to approach the structures in the distance, then take cover behind one of the buildings or a rock formation and eliminate the enemies ahead.
  2. Use your rifle to clear out every enemy guarding the Outpost base and search the area to refill weaponry, then jump into the driver’s of a nearby Razorback and enter the build menu.
  3. Build an Outpost to acquire more teammates, then honk the horn to call them over and wait for others to begin manning Razorbacks of their own.
  4. Drive up onto the bridge ahead and follow the road around towards the next objective, then increase your speed upon reaching gaps in trail to jump across to the other side.
  5. Follow the bridge and increase your speed to ramp between the various sections of it , then slow down so that your teammate manning the turret can eliminate the sniper above on the left.
  6. Continue forward to pass through an archway and activate a cut scene, then drive up the ramp ahead to move into the Outcast Base and navigate across length of the facility so that your turret man can eliminate all enemies efficiently.
  7. Run over the groups of smaller enemies with your Razorback for quicker kills and come to a stop near the larger creatures so that the teammate manning the turret can wear him down more effectively.
  8. Return to first platform you drove through in the base and approach the nearby gate, then use proximity mines to knock it down and enter the build menu.
  9. Use the nearby barrels to refill on rift energy, then construct an outpost and a launchpad before entering flight using a Hawk mech.
  10. Fly towards the next group of enemies ahead and fly through the surrounding icons to acquire additional weaponry, then take out the Scabs below with the help of teammates and refill your Hawk’s armor every so often.
  11. You can also land the Hawk near ground enemies and approach them at close range, then execute a shockwave stomp or mow them down with machine gunfire.
  12. Clear the Outcast Base of all remaining enemies and make your way over towards the onscreen diamond-shaped indicator to investigate the hatch, then enter the build menu to begin surrounding your position with beam and auto-turrets.
  13. Place auto turrets near the areas marked with red symbols and countdown timers, then build an outpost to reinforce your army and use the Hawk to enter the skies.
  14. After the cut scene, use the Hawk to fly in low and shoot down the enemies using Vultures or land beside them and execute shockwave stomps combined with machine gun fire.
  15. Refill your armor as much as necessary and replace beam or auto-turrets regularly, then continue eradicating the enemy forces to survive the ambush and enter the build menu.
  16. Approach the previous hatch and build a Rift Bomb on top of the indicated area to activate a cut scene, then approach the entry points marked with red icons and build auto-turrets to face in their direction.
  17. Construct beam turrets around the rift bomb and place an outpost nearby to rebuild your forces, then enter the sky to repair the Hawk’s armor and wait for the enemies to arrive.
  18. Re-supply the Hawk’s additional weaponry and use it to take down the Scabs that appear on the scene first, then continue clearing out the enemy air fleet in unison with the beam turrets until a countdown timer signifies the arrival of ground forces below.
  19. Repair the armor on your Hawk and land near the red icon with a timer below it, then build auto-turrets near the marker and the rift bomb before constructing another outpost as well.
  20. Return to the skies in your Hawk and continue shooting down the Scabs or approach the ground forces and stomp them out.
  21. Continue fighting off the invading forces until the shield icon with a timer appears on-onscreen, then protect the bomb until the clock runs out and the rift finally explodes.
  22. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Making An Entrance (Bronze): Detonate the rift bomb in “The Pit”.
  23. Approach the blast site on foot and walk up to the exposed hatch to activate a cut scene, then use the map to locate ammo supplies around the room you’re now in before exiting it.
  24. Make your way forward across the room until another checkpoint activates, then approach the rift energy that has now appeared and use grenades or knife barracks to slash through the crowd of enemies.
  25. Finish clearing the area of enemies to have Jonas’ cell appear as an on-screen indicator, then approach the barred door to open it and activate a cut scene.
  26. Afterwards, runs towards the indicated ladder to climb up it and use your shotgun to clear out the enemies that attack you at the top.
  27. Climb the next two ladders ahead and use your knife to slash through the enemies waiting at top, then sprint forward with Jonas to reach the Vulture station and put on a jetpack to begin the final escape from the Pit.
  28. Ascend as high as you can before the Vulture’s fuel runs out and follow closely behind Jonas’ position, then land on one of the nearest elevated platforms and take out any surrounding enemies by zooming in with the rifle or railgun.
  29. Continue following Jonas each time he ascends to the next level above and take out surrounding enemies every while you refuel the jet pack, then rise up towards the circular opening in the roof of the Pit to activate a cut scene and complete the mission.
  30. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Pit (Bronze): Complete mission 7: “The Pit”.

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