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  1. Take out the enemies ahead by using your rifle to score head-shots, then move forward towards the on-screen diamond icon and continue taking out threats blocking the path in front of you.
  2. Enter the compound and take cover behind some nearby wreckage to clear the area of surrounding enemies, then continue towards the next Search icon ahead and make your way downhill to reach the burning compound below.
  3. Make your way forward along the road at the bottom of the steep hill until the enemies drop down in front of you, then take cover and clear the area using the rifle to score head-shots.
  4. Continue moving up the road ahead to reach the next compound and build an Outpost to replenish your racks, then approach the building marked with a diamond icon ahead and take out the enemies on the left using the rifle or grenades to activate a cut scene.
  5. Afterwards, make your way forward through the rubble in the direction of the diamond icon ahead and use the debris as cover to take out the enemies ahead with the rifle.
  6. Shoot the rift barrels on either side of the Saloon and enter the build menu, then begin constructing auto-turrets and another Outpost nearby to protect the structure from additional enemy fire.
  7. Clear the area to activate a cut scene, then begin moving towards the next diamond icon on your right and take out the enemies ahead with head-shots.
  8. Build a few auto-turrets in front of the indicated building on your left to continue fighting off the invading enemies, then climb the stairs on the right side of the structure to reach the roof and activate a cut scene.
  9. Afterwards, take cover behind the barricade on your left and enter the build menu to construct a Beam Turret in front of you.
  10. Wait for the beam turret to destroy the Ox tank and activate a cut scene, then make your way over to the next onscreen diamond icon and use the rifle to clear out enemies blocking the road ahead.
  11. Build a watchtower in front of the store and climb up into its nest, then use the railgun to snipe the remaining enemies below and activate a cut scene.
  12. Afterwards, shoot the nearby rift barrels to build an outpost, a supply bunker and a variety of turrets in front of the store.
  13. Build walls in front of the three roads marked with enemy icons and add a beam turret in front of the one expecting a tank to arrive, then enter the supply bunker to equip the MAW and aim it towards the skull icon with a timer below it.
  14. To better protect yourself while using the supply bunker for cover, build turrets onto the indicated platforms attached to the structure’s roof.
  15. Use the MAW or grenades to fend off the invading ground troops that appear first and charge towards the saloon you’re protecting, then clear out the first wave and refill on missile ammo.
  16. Approach the red tank icon just the timer below it hits zero, then begin attacking the enemy vehicle using your rocket launcher in unison with the beam turret you constructed in this area earlier.
  17. Move back and forth between the beam turret and the supply bunker to help fend off the invading forces on both sides, then re-build any weaponry that is destroyed during the battle and call upon re-enforcements from an outpost when necessary.
  18. Continue battling the invading forces until the next cut scene activates, then return to the saloon and break open the barrels to collect rift energy.
  19. Build a Depot, and an outpost if possible, then jump into the driver’s seat of the tank that drops down and head over to the nearest red icon indicated beyond the mountains in the distance.
  20. Save your shells for larger artillery and use the tank’s machine gun to clear out the smaller enemies on foot or their dune buggies.
  21. Avoid driving near the transparent red circles that appear on the ground around you as they represent incoming mortar attacks.
  22. Use the road that runs through town to circle around the mountain range and locate the enemy Ox tanks attacking the area, then keep your distance from them and destroy the opposing vehicles with shell rounds.
  23. Clear the mountain area of all remaining Ox tanks and return to the saloon to activate a cut scene, then build auto and beam turrets in the vicinity of all paths that have been marked with red enemy icons.
  24. Use an outpost to replenish your ranks and enter the supply bunker to arm the MAW, then point it towards the red Hawk icon with a timer below it and wait for the enemy planes to arrive.
  25. Lock on to and blow the enemy Hawks out of the sky in unison with the beam turrets you built earner, then jump back into the cockpit of your Ox tank and drive over to where other opposing tanks will soon appear.
  26. Use your shells to blow up and fend off the invading Ox tanks, then drive over to the icon that indicates approaching Vulture enemies and clear them out as well to complete this mission.
  27. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Ashes (Bronze): Complete mission 8: “Ashes”.

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