State of Decay: Base Construction & Locations Guide

Build a base to be proud of with the State of Decay construction & locations guide, explaining just what every facility does, and where to find every base. There are many features State of Decay doesn’t explain, and building bases is one of them. It can be tough just finding a spot to settle down — but look no further. We’ve got every base location, with all the stats you’ll need to make a decision.

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Base Construction & Locations Guide


Base Locations & Info

Ascension Church

  • Location: Starting base after the tutorial on Mt. Trumball.
  • Starting Facilities: Radio Room, Medical Area, Church Kitchen, Pastor’s Quarters, Watchtower, Parking (x1)
  • Facility Slots: 2 (Outdoor)
  • Outpost Slots: 4
  • Advantages: Starts semi-constructed, with medical and dining facilities. Far enough out from town to avoid constant horde harassment.
  • Disadvantages: Hordes will spawn in the forest behind the church. Requires driving to gain resources, and the low outpost count makes it hard to deal with the zombie hordes for long.

Kirkman Residence

  • Location: A large house west and slightly south of the church.
  • Starting Facilities: Radio Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Workshop, Parking (x2)
  • Facility Slots: 4 (2 Indoor, 2 Outdoor)
  • Outpost Slots: 6
  • Advantages: Center of town, making it easier to defend by surrounding the home with outposts. Close to all sorts of salvage, and starts off with a workshop.
  • Disadvantages: Only small-to-medium groups apply. There isn’t much room to expand, and many missions late in the game take place in Marshall, leading to long commutes.

Savini Residence

  • Location: Northwest of the Courthouse, near the northern bridge on the west side of Marshall.
  • Starting Facilities: Radio Room, Bedroom, Library, Kitchen, Watchtower, Parking (x3)
  • Facility Slots: 3 (2 Outdoor, 1 Indoor)
  • Outpost Slots: 6
  • Advantages: Similar to the Kirkman Residence, but closer to fresh and untouched resources in Marshall. A gunstore and a Police Station are in close proximity, as are multiple warehouses for easy access to construction materials.
  • Disadvantages: Limited space for growth. Large groups will have a hard time building up resources, and one of the facility slots will have to go to bedding.

McReady’s Farmhouse

  • Location: A large lonely farmstead found at the center of the map.
  • Starting Facilities: Radio Room, Bedroom, Storage Room, Bunkhouse, Kitchen, Parking (x3)
  • Facility Slots: 4 (1 Indoor, 2 Outdoor, 1 Watchtower)
  • Outpost Slots: 6
  • Advantages: This safe, scenic locations is far off from the deadly outbreak in the towns to the north and south. Relatively few zombies or hordes will get near.
  • Disadvantages: Running isn’t an option. You’ll have to drive to every destination.

The Alamo

  • Location: Small fast food restaurant base east of the Courthouse, across the street from the supermarket.
  • Starting Facilities: Radio Room, Kitchen, Storage Room, Watchtower, Parking (x3)
  • Facility Slots: 3 (1 Indoor, 2 Outdoor)
  • Outpost Slots: 4
  • Advantages: Close proximity to multiple resource centers, including the massive supermarket across the street. The police station west of the restaurant is a good source of ammo. Starts with storage, providing improved material storage for a smaller base.
  • Disadvantages: Easy to fortify, but expect constant harassment from zombies. The dense downtown environment will clog with infestations, and the small outpost count will make horde attacks difficult to manage.

Snyder Trucking

  • Location: Large base on the northwestern corner of west Marshall.
  • Starting Facilities: Radio Room, Warehouse Lockers, Warehouse Storage, Machine Shop, Parking (x4)
  • Facility Slots: 5 (1 Indoor, 3 Outdoor, 1 Watchtower)
  • Outpost Slots: 8
  • Advantages: The second largest base is one of the best locations. Not far from downtown, but not surrounded by buildings. Easy to fortify and keep safe by building outposts on all roads, with close access to a gun store and several warehouses for construction materials. Plenty of room to expand, with a large storage room to keep stocked with extra materials. Considered the best base location.
  • Disadvantages: The large base takes time to build up, and requires constant care to lock-down with facilities. Freak zombies spawn often, and a smaller group without the necessary resources will struggle here.

County Fairgrounds

  • Location: The largest outpost, found in the rodeo of the County Fairgrounds.
  • Starting Facilities: Radio Room, Watchtower, Storage Room, Dining Area, Kitchen, Parking (x5)
  • Facility Slots: 5 (1 Indoor, 4 Outdoor)
  • Outpost Slots: 8
  • Advantages: This is the largest base in the game. There are multiple Army Stashes very close to the base, all equipped with powerful weapons. Creating outposts in the warehouses and stores of the carnival will make this base completely impenetrable.
  • Disadvantages: The base is very out of the way, and only available near the end of the game. A certain event will occur far into the story opening the gates on both bridges.


Standard Facilities

Radio Room

This is the most important room in your base. Here, you can put out a call to find new survivors, and request a search for one of five different types of materials.

A Radio Room appears in every base standard. It’s an easy room to overlook, but make use of the powers you gain here. Whenever you’re low on ammo, construction material, or food just put in a request to find more in the Base menu — simply select the room.


Another standby that appears in every base. The watchtower’s most useful function is the training function — activate it in the Base menu to earn triple XP for shooting zombies.

The Watchtower can also be manned. Make sure you equip survivors with rifles or pistols whenever they become friends, and a helpful ally will pick off straggler zombies as they approach. Don’t rely on the Watchtower alone to handle hordes, though.


Every base will feature a handful of parking spots. Make note of where they are on the map. Once parked, cars can be repaired with upgraded workshops, but only if they’re parked in a marked space.

Optional Facilities

Basic Workshop (Highly Recommended)

Absolutely essential. The workshop will repair weapons and guns overnight. Once upgraded, it will repair cars in your parking lot.

If you have a trained carpenter in your base, construction projects will be completed twice as fast.

Upgrading to a third tier workshop allows the construction of explosive weapons and armaments, or a machine shop that will fix torn-off doors or lost wheels on cars.

Sleeping Area (Essential)

If you’re planning on keeping a busy base, the upgraded sleeping area is essential. Only the farm base starts with enough beds to house a medium-sized base.

Keeping beds for everyone keeps your survivors rested and happy. If you don’t have enough beds, random survivors will become tired.

Medical Area (Highly Recommended)

At a certain point in the game, a disease will begin to spread. The only way to combat this disease is with an upgraded medical area.

Medical areas provide treatment to wounded survivors. Instead of healing them, there’s a percentage chance their wounds will heal every day. Upgrades will increase the chances.

Training Area (Optional)

This area is useful, but not essential. If you’re seeing lots of gun mishaps, or you want to improve the stamina of your survivors, get this upgrade. Eventually, you’ll be able to loan out this facility to other Enclaves in exchange for bullets.

Cooking Area (Optional)

Totally optional, but an easy way to keep morale high. If you’re having morale problems, the cooking area can produce a large meal that makes everyone happy.

In general, the cooking area isn’t completely essential, but it does come with many of the bases. Make use of it!

Foods will last longer before spoiling with the cooking area. Essentially, you’ll be able to store more food.

Storage Area (Recommended)

Several bases come with a storage area, but if you don’t have one and want to keep a sprawling base with many survivors, this is absolutely essential.

Storage areas boost your stockpile limits. Without storage, your base won’t be able to store food or other materials for long.

Library (Optional)

This is one of the cooler facilities, but it can be tough to fit into your limited space. The Library unlocks many upgrades to other facilities, like the top-tier abilities of the machine or munitions shops.

The Library’s services can also be traded to other Enclaves for bullets.

Dining Area (Not Recommended)

This is a completely optional area that only serves to enhance morale.

Garden (Not Recommended)

Gardens produce food, letting your base hold out without needing to search for more. There’s just one problem — food is by far the most plentiful resource. You’ll be overflowing with the stuff.

Outposts (Essential)

Building outposts is essential to keeping a base safe.

To build an outpost, a Survivor must explore an area (step over every grey circle) to make sure it is clear. If it isn’t clear, kill any nearby zombies until it’s a safe zone.

Once the area is safe, loot every single container in the building or field. Keep going until the prompt at the top-left of the screen informs you that the area is clear of salvage.

Now you can open the radio menu and call to set-up an outpost.

Outposts create a safe zone where zombies will never spawn. Open the Base menu then select to trap the area — this protects against hordes. Any horde that wanders into the extended safe zone of an outpost will die thanks to some explosive fuel traps.

Have any base suggestions of your own? Drop us a comment!

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On June 25, 2013 at 11:20 am

The outpost slots and facility slots are mixed up for synder trucking warehouse


On July 20, 2013 at 3:03 pm

Great article! thanks!


On December 8, 2013 at 1:46 am

This statement in outposts should be modified it is not correct

Once the area is safe, loot every single container in the building or field. Keep going until the prompt at the top-left of the screen informs you that the area is clear of salvage.

“loot every container” should say look in every container. It is better to leave resources in the future outpost then you reap the benefits of of an income from it. Not sure if the reward long term is greater than just taking the resource to start off with though, But a long term decrease in required goods is better than paying daily in my view.
I would change the statement to something similar to

Once the area is safe and you are prompted area clear, look in every container in the building or field until no question marks remain in the resource overview found in the top left corner of the screan. whatever resource is there when you radio in to create an outpost will provide you a daily income, Minus a daily construction material cost of 1 per day this includes the material outpost this provides 3 material minus the 1 cost giving 2 per day