State of Decay: Beginner’s Survival Guide

Table of Contents

  • Your Survivor – Getting Started
  • Zombies – Freaks & Hordes
  • Base Management – How to Keep it Safe & Morale High
  • Upgrading Skills – Becoming a True Survivor
  • Scavenging Materials – Where to Look & How to Keep it Coming
  • Side-Quest Tips – Managing Infestations, Hordes & Freaks

  • Zombies – Freaks & Hordes

    Single zombies aren’t so dangerous, but hordes can quickly tear your survivor apart. These large conflagrations of zombies stalk the roads, with a red vision cone appearing on your mini-map.

    Hordes will constantly threaten your base. Killing them will earn you trust and improve morale.

    Cars are the best, and easiest, way to deal with hordes early on. Grab a truck and run the hordes down. But, that can quickly sap a car’s durability. A few hordes and that truck becomes useless. New cars do not spawn into the world, so you have a limited amount. They can be fixed, but only with an upgraded workshop.

    To better deal with Hordes using a car, use the car’s door attack. Hold open the door while driving with [X] and swipe the horde as you drive past. Your car won’t take nearly as much damage this way, oddly enough.

    There are more freak zombies that appear in the game. Learn all about them below.

    Only headshots will kill zombies. With melee weapons, use [LB+Y] to kill them while they’re stunned.

    Screamers: These zombies appear often in Hordes or inside Infestations. Screams are tall zombies with no arms, and their only attack is to loudly screech when your survivor is near. This will stun your survivor, and cause any nearby zombies to come running. Use a silenced gun to deal with them, or a fire bomb. You can kill them before screaming – sprint forward and attack to knock them over, then finish them off.

    Feral: One of the toughest zombie types. These fast zombies will rush straight for you and attack wildly. Defending doesn’t work well, and they’re difficult to run from thanks to their heightened speed. Look out for gaunt, large zombies that stand hunched over. Gunshots work well, and if you use weapons simply attack to stammer them. Kill them instantly while they’re down before they get back up.

    Juggernaut: The hardest zombie type by far. These giant obese monsters have the most health, and they’re difficult to run down with even the largest trucks. Though slow, they can charge forward or slam the ground to stun your survivor. If caught, they’ll pick up a survivor with one hand and begin chewing.

    Melee attacks are not recommended, their ground pound attack is difficult to dodge. Bring lots of ammo, and aim for the head. Sprint away when it charges, or always bring a friend. If your allied survivor is grabbed by the giant, go nuts with a melee weapon to get them free.

    Armored: These army or SWAT zombies appear later in the story, and aren’t particularly threatening. They wear armor that protects them from firearms, but melee weapons work just as well.

    Bloaters: These ghastly zombies are naked and slimy, appearing more mutated than any of the others. Instead of attacking, they’ll try to run close and explode to release a poisonous gas. Never attack a Bloater with a melee weapon, one bullet will kill them.

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    3 Comments on State of Decay: Beginner’s Survival Guide


    On June 26, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Juggernaut zombie is cake. Hit it with a bomb and it’s down and out.


    On November 12, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    What about the trade missions?


    On December 10, 2013 at 6:57 am

    Reflexes > Powerhouse

    Some people prefer powerhouse and the 4 snacks in one slot is useful, but he reflex kick that downs any z for an easy kill is insanely useful.