State of Decay: Beginner’s Survival Guide

Table of Contents

  • Your Survivor – Getting Started
  • Zombies – Freaks & Hordes
  • Base Management – How to Keep it Safe & Morale High
  • Upgrading Skills – Becoming a True Survivor
  • Scavenging Materials – Where to Look & How to Keep it Coming
  • Side-Quest Tips – Managing Infestations, Hordes & Freaks

  • Upgrading Skills – Becoming a True Survivor

    Cardio: Improved cardio increases your Survivor’s max stamina. The only way to increase this skill is by sprinting. Eat a snack before sprinting to keep your stamina high, or swallow some trucker pills.

    Building a training facility will also help boost stamina to make gaining cardio easier.

    Wits: This stat is tied with searching for supplies. Looting containers gives Wits XP, and it’s another stat that very slowly increases.

    The higher your Wits, the faster the Survivor will search, the less likely items will break, and the less noise you’ll make during quick searches.

    Fighting: Swinging a melee weapon increases this stat. This is the most basic stat. Be prepared to fully level-up fighting very quickly. High fighting skill gives a special counterattack – dodge [B] then attack [X] to use this power.

    Shooting: Killing zombies with firearms boosts this stat, and provides several upgrades as your star level increases.

    Build a watchtower to unlock the ability to train your base with firearms – activated in the Base menu under the watchtower. Your Survivor will gain 3 times more XP for shooting.

    Don’t forget to check out the stat menu by selecting shooting. Automatic rifles can switch to semi-auto by pressing [A] while aimed.

    Upgrading this skill unlocks many bonuses; faster movement while aiming, faster reload speed, better auto-aim, improved maintenance, and the final abilities upgrades all your shooting skills.

    Powerhouse (Optional): Not every survivor possesses the final three optional skills. Powerhouse is a unique, and powerful, stat that offers some helpful rewards.

    Powerhouse is closely tied with melee combat. Gain it by performing killing blows on downed zombies.

    Upgrading the powerhouse stat lets your Survivor carry more weight, use big weapons better than others, use big guns, and unlocks unique Utility and Defensive skills.

    Leadership (Optional): Another optional skill, this powerful trait provides a bonus to friendship gain when working with other survivors. If you’re planning on doing missions with people, bust out a survivor with leadership.

    Marcus starts the game with leadership. Try to keep him alive!

    Reflexes (Optional): Similar to powerhouse, reflexes is connected with melee combat, but it’s just slightly less useful.

    Instead of giving survivors extra strength, it increases their stamina regeneration. Upgrading it fully unlocks unique Utility or Defensive skills to choose.

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    3 Comments on State of Decay: Beginner’s Survival Guide


    On June 26, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Juggernaut zombie is cake. Hit it with a bomb and it’s down and out.


    On November 12, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    What about the trade missions?


    On December 10, 2013 at 6:57 am

    Reflexes > Powerhouse

    Some people prefer powerhouse and the 4 snacks in one slot is useful, but he reflex kick that downs any z for an easy kill is insanely useful.