State of Decay: Beginner’s Survival Guide

Table of Contents

  • Your Survivor – Getting Started
  • Zombies – Freaks & Hordes
  • Base Management – How to Keep it Safe & Morale High
  • Upgrading Skills – Becoming a True Survivor
  • Scavenging Materials – Where to Look & How to Keep it Coming
  • Side-Quest Tips – Managing Infestations, Hordes & Freaks

  • Side-Quest Tips – Managing Infestations, Hordes & Freaks

    Side-quests randomly appear as you attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse. These quests, unlike the story quests, don’t last forever. Most will only last an hour or so.

    Some missions can be skipped, but others result in grave consequences. Below, most of the major side-quests are listed below. See which ones you can skip, and which are worth doing.


    Zed Hunts: These are fairly innocuous missions, and they can be skipped. Failing to complete these will not hurt your survivor, but it will drain morale.

    Clearing Infestations: Unlike Zed Hunts, clearing infestations is more important to the well-being of your base.

    Too many infestations will drain morale constantly, and a Survivor can be injured if you don’t help them out. Failing to complete these quests can also lead to a loss of ammo.

    Incoming Hordes: These can’t be ignored. If several hordes are moving toward your base, grab a car and start running them down.

    Luckily, hordes can be managed. Set up outposts in the buildings or fields surrounding your base to avoid horde attacks.

    Missing Survivor / Survivors in Peril: While on missions, your other Survivors will sometimes need rescue.

    Usually it involves finding the survivor and escorting them back to base. It’s very important to complete these! There’s a chance the Survivor will never return if you don’t rescue them.

    These missions don’t last forever. Put off the main missions to rescue your Survivors. To prevent these from happening, try fighting zombie hordes, infestations, and completing Zed hunts.

    Rescuing Survivors: To gain new survivors, select the Radio Room in the Base menu and request to search for survivors.

    Besieged: These side-missions last a long time, but they’re rare. When an Enclave is besieged, prepare for combat. Hordes of zombies will attack alongside freaks. These are long missions, but if you fail to complete them, the entire Enclave will die.

    Base Missions: Every once in awhile, Survivors will cause problems at your base. Speaking with them will lead into a short mission.

    Skipping these missions will cause a loss in morale. Completing them will boost your trust with the Survivor.

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    3 Comments on State of Decay: Beginner’s Survival Guide


    On June 26, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Juggernaut zombie is cake. Hit it with a bomb and it’s down and out.


    On November 12, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    What about the trade missions?


    On December 10, 2013 at 6:57 am

    Reflexes > Powerhouse

    Some people prefer powerhouse and the 4 snacks in one slot is useful, but he reflex kick that downs any z for an easy kill is insanely useful.