State on StarCraft: Protoss Vs. Terran in HoTS


  1. Introduction
  2. Early-Game
  3. Mid-Game
  4. Late-Game

                BUILD ORDER
9 – Pylon
● Chronoboost Nexus x2
13 – Gateway
● Chronoboost Nexus (3)
15 – Assimilator x2
● Chronoboost nexus (4)
17 – Pylon
● @100% Assimilators*
18 – Cybernetics Core
19 – Zealot
● Chronoboost Nexus (5)
22 - Pylon
24 - Stalker
● Chronoboost Gateway (6)
(to defend against Reapers)
24 - Warpgate
● Rally next Probe to natural expansion
27 - Mothership Core
Note: At this time, you should have 16 probes mining minerals, 3 probes mining each geyser, and a probe traveling to your natural expansion.
29 - Nexus (brief probe cut)
● Resume probe production, chronoboost Nexus (7)
30 - Sentry
33 - Pylon
● Chronoboost Nexus (8)
35 - Sentry
38 - 2x Gateway
39 - Robotics Facility
● Chronoboost Nexus (9)
● Transfer probes such that you have 16 probes mining minerals and 6 probes mining gas in your main base. Rally future probes to natural expansion.
● @100% Warp Gate research, transform Gateways into Warp Gates
44 - Sentry
● Scout with a hallucinated Oracle or Phoenix
*I have a weird way of optimizing my mining rate in the early-game. Adding 2 probes to each geyser once they finish and the final 2 once you have 16 probes mining minerals is a pretty safe bet, but timings might be off by a couple seconds. Check the replays attached if you’d like to see my method.


The build opens with a 1-gate fast expand. Note that there is no probe scout with this opening; there is only a limited amount of scouting information available in the early-game and none of it is really necessary. The zealot, stalker, and mothership core can defend most forms of early aggression, especially if the mothership core actively scouts for proxied factories. Here’s how to deal with three of the most common early attacks:

  • Marine/SCV all-ins: Pull probes and micro well, focusing fire on marines. Chronoboosted stalkers and time warp/photon overcharge shut this down hard.
  • Reactored hellions: Don’t let them into the main. Force field is fine, but a body-block at the ramp is ideal because it’s better to save energy for the hallucination scout. It’s the same with the mothership core: while you can spend a photon overcharge defending, it’s best to save energy for when it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Proxied widow mines: With the mothership core, scout nearby for proxies. If spotted, buy time. Forcing widow mines to burrow before they can reach your natural is ideal. If you can’t buy time, don’t panic. Chronoboost the first observer, eliminate the mines, and begin mining from the natural.

With proper positioning, the 3-gate robotics followup stops just about everything. The zealot and sentries guard the entrance to the natural, while stalkers wait in the main to deflect early drops. The mothership core sits between the main and the natural, ready to cast photon overcharge on whichever base gets hit the hardest.

Occasionally, a fast widow mine drop will hit before the first observer is out. If the mines reach a mineral line, pull probes. Sacrificing a worker or hallucination will allow you to mine again, but keep in mind that the widow mine has an attack cooldown of 40 seconds—do not get caught off-guard. When the first observer is ready, clear the mines and continue as planned.

Though timings begin to vary after 44 supply, the followup is unchanging. 1 zealot, 3 sentries, 13 stalkers, 4 observers and a mothership core is the unit composition we’re aiming for before the first colossus is out.

  • 3 sentries provide great utility. Force field is an invaluable tool, hallucinated phoenix are a great form of scouting, and guardian shield adds much durability to the Protoss army.

  • 13 stalkers reliably one-shot medivacs and vikings. With blink and proper positioning, stalkers can easily intercept drops, snipe stray units, and protect colossus from enemy vikings. Additionally, they can be used to chase down retreating units after a won battle.

  • 4 observers scout drops, detect widow mines, and keep tabs on the Terran army. It is significantly easier to position properly with vision of critical locations.

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6 Comments on State on StarCraft: Protoss Vs. Terran in HoTS


On May 29, 2013 at 2:17 pm

so great insight. love it


On May 29, 2013 at 4:27 pm

That was a great read :)

I’ve watched you play enough to basically know all of this, but it’s cool to see it broken down. Still upsetting that you lost to Kane, but he’s a great zerg player (and Canadian too!) so he really deserved the win.

I look forward to more articles! :D



On May 29, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Loved States games in SHOUTcraft America. Great player.

Tyrone Washington

On May 29, 2013 at 10:49 pm

Yo nyqqa that was off the in’ chain–you feel me, blood? That was smooth as out a duck’s ass, homie. Step it up. I know you throwin’ it up for the hood, State–that’s what I like ’bout you. You showin’ them kidz that if they step it up, they can make it out the trap. Thug lyfe, diggle.


On May 30, 2013 at 2:38 am

Great build! Very well written, apart from I am a little unsure of what order you get your structure in the mid game? Do you start 1-1 before you put down the colossi bay? Or the other way round? I’ll just go watch the replay pack :)


On May 30, 2013 at 11:34 am

The download link isn’t working :(