State on StarCraft: Protoss Vs. Terran in HoTS


  1. Introduction
  2. Early-Game
  3. Mid-Game
  4. Late-Game


Once you’ve executed the build order and fended off any early aggression, you’re ready to enter the mid-game. Produce colossus, zealots, and templar exclusively. Except in the most unusual circumstances, the only time you should produce another sentry or stalker is to replace those that have died.

To get to the army composition you seek, here’s the game plan:

  • 2x Assimilators at natural around 6:45
  • Twilight council when safe (usually after the first warp-in of Stalkers)
  • Blink
  • 2 Forges; +1 weapons, +1 armor [1/1]
  • +2 Gateways (5 total)
  • Robotics Bay (for Colossus and Thermal Lance)

I prefer to focus chronoboost on probe production and blink until my first two bases are saturated. When I’ve hit 44 workers, I cut probes and chronoboost blink, 1/1, and colossus production exclusively.

When the first colossus is started and blink is about to finish, most Terrans’ first medivacs are boosting out of the starport. This is when Terran likes to get aggressive and it’s one of the most challenging phases of the game.

Photon overcharge, force field, and proper positioning should buy enough time for the colossus and blink to finish. At that moment, you have enough firepower to take your third expansion. Resume probe production and build the third nexus. Take fights you know you can win—over the next few minutes, your army will improve much faster than your Terran opponent’s. There’s no need to rush into an uncertain engagement.

If Terran overextends and loses a battle decisively, scout and make a judgement call—often a counterattack can outright kill him. If you’re unsure, proceed as usual; you will be ahead of your opponent.

After the third nexus, your mid-game priorities should be:

  • Continuous Colossus production
  • +2 weapons, +2 armor [2/2]
  • Templar Archives
  • +4 Gateways (9 total)
  • Charge, Storm

In this phase of the game, I mainly chronoboost forges. Colossus production, charge, and storm are secondary priorities unless they are immediately necessary for defense.

A difficult timing a bio-playing Terran might throw at you is a 2 or 3-base scv all-in with vikings. Often, storm won’t be researched in time. In that situation, warp in as many archons and zealots as possible. What’s most important is that you handle the fight properly: focusing vikings with blink-stalkers, covering zealots with guardian shield, and accurate force field placement are critical to success. Time warp and photon overcharge can also play a big role in defense.

Regardless of the attack, expect heavy pressure in the mid-game. Proper army positioning and decision-making are essential. While splitting forces well enough to defend against multipronged attacks is a learned skill, actively watching the minimap can give you more time to assess the situation and react. Unless your opponent makes a major tactical error, you are unlikely to be able to just walk across the map and kill them. In that case, get ready: the game is going late, and that’s when the magic happens.

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6 Comments on State on StarCraft: Protoss Vs. Terran in HoTS


On May 29, 2013 at 2:17 pm

so great insight. love it


On May 29, 2013 at 4:27 pm

That was a great read :)

I’ve watched you play enough to basically know all of this, but it’s cool to see it broken down. Still upsetting that you lost to Kane, but he’s a great zerg player (and Canadian too!) so he really deserved the win.

I look forward to more articles! :D



On May 29, 2013 at 5:20 pm

Loved States games in SHOUTcraft America. Great player.

Tyrone Washington

On May 29, 2013 at 10:49 pm

Yo nyqqa that was off the in’ chain–you feel me, blood? That was smooth as out a duck’s ass, homie. Step it up. I know you throwin’ it up for the hood, State–that’s what I like ’bout you. You showin’ them kidz that if they step it up, they can make it out the trap. Thug lyfe, diggle.


On May 30, 2013 at 2:38 am

Great build! Very well written, apart from I am a little unsure of what order you get your structure in the mid game? Do you start 1-1 before you put down the colossi bay? Or the other way round? I’ll just go watch the replay pack :)


On May 30, 2013 at 11:34 am

The download link isn’t working :(