State on StarCraft: Blink-Stalker Protoss Vs. Protoss


  1. Introduction
  2. The Build
  3. The Pressure
  4. The Attack

                BUILD ORDER
Probe production is constant unless stated otherwise
● 9 – Pylon
● Chronboost nexus (1)
● 13 – Gateway
● Chronboost nexus (2)
● 15 – Assimilator (2 probes harvest gas)
● Chronoboost nexus (3)
● 16 – Assimilator (2 probes harvest gas)
● 17 – Pylon
● 18 – Cybernetics core (add a probe to each assimilator)
● 20 – Gateway
● 21 – Stalker
● 23 – Warpgate
● 23 – Mothership core
● 25 – Pylon
● Chronoboost nexus (4)
● 26 – Stalker
● Chronoboost stalker (5)
● 28 – Stalker
● Chronoboost stalker (6)
Move cross-map with first stalker, mothership core
● 31 – Twilight Council
● 31 – Pylon
● 31 – Stalker
● 34 – Stalker
● 37 – Blink
● Chronoboost Blink until complete (7+)
Pressure with 3 stalkers, mothership core, probe
Brief probe cut
● 38 – Gateway
● 38 – Stalker
● 40 – Stalker
● 42 – Pylon
Continuous stalker production; excess minerals are spent on pylons, probes


As far as I can tell, the build order to the right is the exact opening that sOs used in his match against Alicia. Though there is no probe scout, I highly recommend that players at least scout for proxied gateways and cannon rushes; the extra safety is well worth the lost mining time. Following this build will net you a mothership core and stalker at just around 4:20.

On four-player maps, scout for nearby proxies with the mothership core and 1st stalker. It’s unlikely you’ll find much, but it’s the best use for the units in the very early game. Once your main is well saturated (16 probes on minerals; 6 probes on gas), send a probe out to scout for your opponent’s spawning position before turning on the aggression.

On two-player maps, such as Neo Planet S, do what sOs did: send the mothership core and 1st stalker crossmap to get some early scouting information. Skirt around the edge of your opponent’s main base with the mothership core, but be careful not to lose it—it is vital to the success of the build. There are a variety of things you might scout with this, but what’s most important is identifying the opponent’s tech path. Here’s what you might find:

  • Stargate — Against stargate play, a well-executed blink-stalker attack can end the game. If the opponent is making oracles, do your best to intercept them before they can reach your main. If you can’t, three stalkers in the mineral line at home greatly limits the oracle’s ability to harass. Against phoenix play, be cautious: you can’t blink out of a graviton beam. Take your engagements carefully and be conscious of where the opponent is spending energy. For example, if the phoenixes spend all their energy killing probes, then you have a lot more potential to be aggressive.

  • Robotics Facility — Against robotics play, it can be tough to find a hole in the opponent’s defense. Capitalize on any mistake you can and do as much damage as possible. Sometimes you can win the game outright, but other times you’ll have to expand behind the pressure. As always, only take engagements in which you can trade well.

  • Twilight Council — Against a twilight council, things can get tricky. If the opponent is going dark templar, warp in a robotics facility and sentry at home and continue the pressure if possible. In this case, it’s important that you keep a close eye on the ramp to your main—if you see the blur of a dark templar approaching your ramp, delay it with force fields until your observer is ready. From here, you can proceed to counter-attack if you’re feeling gutsy or take an expansion if you’d prefer to play safe. If the opponent’s researching blink as well, play smart: don’t take fights if he has blink and you don’t and press your advantages. If stalker counts are too even to attack, take an expansion.

  • Nothing — If you can’t glean any information with your initial poke, try and gather some last-minute intel with the follow-up 3-stalker pressure. If you’re still unsure, use your best judgement. Be wary of a proxied stargate or dark shrine—your 4th and 5th stalkers might need to stay at home and defend against oracle harass.

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