State on StarCraft: Blink-Stalker Protoss Vs. Protoss


  1. Introduction
  2. The Build
  3. The Pressure
  4. The Attack


While you’re poking with your initial stalker and mothership core, scout around the map with a probe for proxied pylons, stargates, and dark shrines. Rally the 2nd and 3rd stalker to your mothership core and begin to pressure. Bring your scouting probe too—if you think you can do more damage, construct a proxy pylon and warp in more stalkers. Although pressure is a useful tool, make sure you don’t lose any units carelessly with this early attack—you’re going to need the stalkers and mothership core for the build to be as effective as possible.

It’s also important that you keep an eye on your macro during this first attack. It’s around this time that your twilight council will be finishing; make sure that blink is started and continuously chronoboosted. Your 4th and 5th stalkers will be completing around this time too; make sure that they are either scouting for proxied pylons or are in position to defend your workers against oracle harass.

It’s hard to tell whether sOs added his 3rd gateway reactively or not, especially because it was warped in about twenty seconds after he could afford to. He might have been too busy microing his first attack to hit his timings perfectly, but it’s also possible that he decided to commit to the timing attack after scouting Alicia’s stargate. For this reason, I’m keeping the next part of the build open-ended:

  • If you decide that you can’t break your opponent with the blink-stalker timing, transition instead. I recommend building a robotics facility, expanding, and adding two additional gateways. From there, play it out using your best judgement.

  • If you decide that you can break your opponent with the blink-stalker timing, add a third gateway and fully commit. Good micro and execution will be key to your success. The remainder of the guide concludes this scenario.

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