State on StarCraft: Blink-Stalker Protoss Vs. Protoss


  1. Introduction
  2. The Build
  3. The Pressure
  4. The Attack


After adding the 3rd gateway, the build is very straightforward: continue to make stalkers, chronoboost blink, and spend excess minerals on pylons and probes. It’s not until blink is finished that the final attack begins, so there may be up to two minutes of downtime between the 3-stalker pressure and blink-stalker follow-up. Use this time to secure a proxy pylon and make sure to deny any attempt at expanding.

Once blink is researched, use the mothership core to spot enemy units on the high ground and begin the attack. If played right, this timing can be devastating. Here are some tips for the final engagement:

  • If you can’t immediately break onto the high ground, try to pick off any units you can. Sentries are really good targets, but make sure that you’re trading cost-efficiently.

  • If your opponent uses photon overcharge, wait it out. Make sure not to lose your position—once the overcharge expires, go back in and fight.

  • In his attack, sOs warps in a round of sentries so that he can divide his opponent’s army. Force fields in combination with time warp can hinder your opponent’s ability to micro, allowing your attack to be much more effective.

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