State on StarCraft: sOs’ BlizzCon-Winning Timing Attack


  1. Early-Game
  2. Mid-Game and Timing


Once your Robotics Facility is complete, it’s time to repurpose your Chronboost energy. Begin a Warp Prism, Chronoboost it, and start saving your Nexus energy for Immortal production and the push.

Use the Warp Prism to do some minor harassment and force your Zerg opponent to start making defense early. Even if you don’t succeed in damaging the Zerg directly, forcing Roach or Zergling production is a win. Each larvae spent on defense is one less Drone, and weakening your opponent’s economy early makes your follow-up push even more effective. Just be sure not to lose the Warp Prism—it’ll be a critical part of the timing attack later.

Make sure you begin Immortal production as soon as your Warp Prism has finished. At this point, you should have about 30 Probes—19 in your main base, and about 11 at your expansion. And that’s all you need. From this point on, any income spent on Probes is going to weaken your timing in some way or another; it’s either going to hit later, or it’s going to hit with less. Instead, cut probe production and begin spending your excess minerals on Zealots. Sometimes cutting Probe production can take you off your rhythm, so make sure not to get supply blocked!

At about 44 supply, begin your second Immortal and warp in your fifth and final Gateway. Once the Immortal is complete and you’ve warped in yet another round of Zealots, begin pushing towards the Zerg’s natural expansion—and keep producing Zealots along the way. Once you’ve reached the Zerg base, warp in one more round of Zealots and go for it.

Here are some tips to help you with the final attack:

  • KEEP THE ZEALOTS IN FRONT, AND IMMORTALS IN BACK: A lot of players really undervalue the importance of army positioning—and though it’s a lot simpler to control with this army than others, it’s still worth noting. Spread your Zealots, keep the Immortals in the back, and then go in for the kill.
  • KEEP THE WARP PRISM CLOSE, AND KEEP IT SAFE: The Warp Prism offers an incredible amount of utility to this timing attack. Use it to reinforce mid-battle and lift Immortals out of harm’s way, but keep it out of reach of the Zerg’s Queens.
  • USE TIME WARP AS IF IT WERE A FORCE-FIELD: One of greatest strengths of this opening is that it often hits well before the Roach speed upgrade is complete. With Time Warp, you can make it almost impossible for the Roaches to kite your Zealots—which makes them surprisingly effective.
  • WARP IN TWO OR MORE PYLONS JUST BEFORE THE FINAL ENGAGEMENT: Warping in 2 Pylons just before your final push allows you to focus on unit control completely. Even if you end up building more than you need, it’s worth spending 200 minerals to save yourself the distraction of a supply block.

Thanks for reading!

I’d love to hear how this opening works for you on the ladder. Let me know in the comments!

This week’s replay pack features several ladder games from the Korean server. Enjoy!

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