Steam is Having a Star Wars Sale!

So the Star Wars blu-rays come out today. I went to a MovieStop midnight release gathering for this occasion, and instead of buying Star Wars I picked up The Informant, Merantau and Step Up 2 The Streets. Proof. Yes, I know I should be embarrassed that I didn’t already own Step Up 2 the Streets on blu-ray, but it’s an error I corrected.

To, I think, mark the occasion of the release of these atrocious Star Wars blu-rays that don’t include the original versions of the Classic Trilogy, Steam is having a run on Star Wars games, marking the Star Wars complete pack down to a meager $50. This is only a good sale if you get the pack, though, because most of the games are not on sale individually. Still, that’s a pretty good deal, particularly if you had all these games at some point and lost the discs over the years, which is my situation, although I did recently dig up my Dark Forces and Dark Forces II discs.

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3 Comments on Steam is Having a Star Wars Sale!


On September 16, 2011 at 7:11 am

George Lucas utter single handed destruction of the Star Wars franchise can be a course study at some film school. His Star Wars 1-3 can be studied on how not to make a movie. How everything that could possibly be wrong can all be found in SW1-3.

Just one example out of infinity: Droids- aren’t they suppose to be terminators? Cylon robots from batttlestar galatica? Cold, heartless, brutal killing machine. George Lucas turn them into silly, pathetic, can’t take seriously toy franchise for age 1-4.


On September 16, 2011 at 8:03 am

Silly an pathetic? Robots in SW universe are more or less slaves with a few exempt droids like HK-47. Spew some coherent BS instead of just randomly comparing different sci-fi series head. Lucas has been marketing BS since the original trilogy moron.

But what the hell does the movies have to do with video game sales idiot? Jesus Dark Forces series was awesome and still has a strong following. Go jump on your movie soap box outside a place show casing a game deal.

JosephPS3 Dead State

On September 16, 2011 at 5:49 pm

I’ve got a little familiar with Aids from his previous posts and everybody here knows what type of character he is. That begin said, what you wrote to me, compared to what you usually say is really uncomfortable…are you trying to hit on me? I mean that’s like the nicest thing you ever said compared to what you usually write. Look I’m totally straight and I don’t know where you got the idea I’d be sexually interested in you but you got the wrong impression cowboy.