Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition (3DS) Review

Gamefront’s Phil Owen said it best – ‘The 3DS is pretty damn powerful, so Capcom was able to make a this version pretty close to what’s on consoles.’ There’s almost nothing I can add to that. It is, in almost every way that counts, the console version of Street Fighter IV. With some awesome extras courtesy of StreetPass and your 3DS wireless connection.

First, Graphics: They look great, though somewhat redundant, which isn’t exactly a problem. Even on the console version, Street Fighter IV remains a side-view, strictly left right fighter that might be better classified as 2.5D instead of 3D. This is very much the case with the 3DS version, but better. We obviously can’t demonstrate due to your monitor not being capable of 3D, but rest assured when you’ve fully enabled 3D the backgrounds, depth of your characters and explosive special moves sufficiently pop out at you all three dimensional and stuff. Street Fighter IV also makes sufficient use of that 800×240 resolution screen so that it doesn’t just look 3D, it looks great.

Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition (3DS [Reviewed])
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: March 27, 2011
MSRP: $39.99

Controls are what you expect – 3DS has 4 buttons, 2 triggers, a d-pad and l-pad, making it functionally only slightly less than standard console controller. Since you don’t need the r-stick in a game with a fixed camera, the game handles nearly identically to its console equivalent. Of course, it’s smaller area on which to put your hands, so bigger people might get cramped up trying to pull off the myriad button combinations necessary for special moves. The real draw, however, is the ability to go toe-to-toe against other 3DS owners. I had the good fortune of randomly coming across another owner who happened to be on the same bus as myself, happened to have Street pass enabled, and had their copy of Street Fighter IV with them. If this happens, all you have to do is select arcade mode and similar to being signed into XBLA or PSN, anyone can join your game at any time. Awesome.

My opponent was also much better than I was, which is how I got to see the best thing about the game, the character-specific special moves that trigger cutscenes which look incredible in 3D. It’s truly fantastic to see Zangief wrapped in purple energy, slammed toward and away from the screen and blasted to the ground, all in eye popping 3D, and for this alone the port to 3DS was worth it.

Naturally, Street Fighter IV 3D edition isn’t anything particularly new. It’s essentially the same game, albeit with some reduced features, it is on consoles. I therefore wouldn’t call is an essential 3DS title, but having played both the console and 3DS editions, I think the 3DS edition might be the essential version of the game.


* Great graphics
* Fighting looks great in 3D
* Perfectly suited for social aspects of 3DS.


* Content-wise, nothing new; might not be worth it for people who already own the console version.
* Complex commands difficult to pull off on smaller controls.

Final Score: 85/100

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