Strike Suit Zero Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions

    Break In

    1. For this mission, you’ll need to start out by disrupting the Colonial’s long range communication relays. Start by approaching the installation.
    2. Locate the shield generators around the installation. Target and destroy each generator, but beware of the attacking frigates. You will not have time to engage the enemy ships.
    3. Enemy patrols will show up shortly after you destroy their generators. Focus on the main objective and try to ignore the ships. Once again, you will not have time to engage them. Locate the three comms relays on the installation and destroy them.
    4. After disrupting their communications, you’ll need to draw the capital ships away from the facility. Approach the ship pens and destroy the fuel cells on both nearby ship pens with the strike suit to distract the capital ships.
    5. Afterwards, focus your attention on the capital ships. Target the beam cannons and destroy them. The retrieval team will show up, and you will need to protect them from the attacking ships. Escort them to the installation.
    6. Black Fleet ships will show up to stop the retrieval team. Attack the ships and destroy them so they do not damage the troop transport. Destroy all marked targets to secure the area.
    7. A second attack team will show up. Once again, destroy all marked targets in the area. Soon after, the retrieval team will dock at the installation. While the team is working, continue to protect the troop transport. Do not let it take too much damage while docked.
    8. The team will soon reach the data, and more enemy ships will arrive. Secure the area by destroying all remaining fighters and corvettes.
    9. Enemy reinforcements will arrive. Continue to protect the retrieval team by attacking the incoming enemy transports. Do not let the enemy troops dock at the installation. Destroy both transports, and then focus your attention on the frigate.
    10. Destroy the enemy frigate. The retrieval team will acquire the intel and get back to their ship. The transport will leave the area safely with the intel to finish the mission.
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