Strike Suit Zero Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions


    1. The relic is drawn away from Earth. Prepare for the incoming Colonial attack. Move to Arcadia and dock to resupply.
    2. Capital ships will fold in. Fly towards the relic and engage all Colonial fighter ships. Attack and destroy the very large amount of ships in the area. After a cutscene, approach the Archeron.
    3. Destroy the heavy fighters attacking the Archeron from behind. When the ship is safe, head back to fight the interceptors. Continue to secure the area.
    4. Corvettes will cross the mine field to attack. Protect the Atlas while you engage the corvettes. Destroy them, and intercept any incoming torpedoes. Beware of enemy fighters in the area.
    5. More Corvettes will move in to attack another ship. Continue to protect your fleet from incoming corvettes and torpedoes. Soon enough, the enemy attack teams will retreat.
    6. Colonials will now try to disable the mine field. While they are doing this, approach Arcadia to refuel and reload. One cruiser will pass the mine field. Fly towards it and disable the beam turrets on the cruiser.
    7. Protect the Atlas while you attack the cruiser. When the turrets are down, divert your attention to the Colonial frigates. Protect your fleet and destroy both frigates in the area. More cruisers will pass the mine field.
    8. When the frigates are finally destroyed, head over to assist the bomber teams in destroying the cruisers. Weaken the ships by destroying the turrets, and help completely destroy the ships.
    9. A Colonial carrier will arrive. Protect Arcadia and the rest of your fleet from the incoming attack. Fly towards the carrier and target the beam cannons. When the beam cannons are neutralized, focus all fire on destroying the carrier.
    10. Continue protecting your fleet and assist in the destruction of the carrier. When it is destroyed entirely, the area will be secure.
    11. The relic will now be close enough to destroy. Return to Arcadia and pick up Control.
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