Strike Suit Zero Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions


    1. Enter the wreckage of the fleet. You’ll need to search for survivors. Approach the designated locations while searching the area. Soon, enemy interceptors will arrive. Take down their shields and destroy them.
    2. After clearing the area of Colonial interceptors, Reynolds will give you the all clear. Check the rest of the area until the cut scene. Captain Caro will request assistance. Protect the frigate while they try to get the turrets online.
    3. Pay attention to the countdown timer near the objectives on your hud. Fight off the attacking Colonials until the time runs out. Caro will inform you that the Mercury is now fully armed.
    4. Soon after the frigate is armed, an enemy corvette will enter the area. The corvette will need to be destroyed, but watch out for torpedoes. While you are fighting the corvette, destroy any incoming torpedoes. Focus your fire on the corvette until it explodes.
    5. Once the corvette is defeated, locate the Colonial fighters. Fly into the battle and assist the team in destroying the fighters and protecting Mercury. Once they are destroyed, listen to Captain Caro.
    6. Reynolds will take you to follow a Colonial team. Approach the designated location, and a Colonial attack team will appear. Destroy the entire attack team, including the enemy corvettes, Reynolds will pursue the enemies.
    7. Reynolds will stumble across Arcadia, which is barely still alive. The Mercury will be incoming for support, but you will need to destroy the enemy corvettes in the meantime. To the right of the objective on the hud, you will be able to see how many corvettes remain.
    8. After you destroy the final corvette, the frigate Mercury will arrive for support. Continue protect the Arcadia, and search the area for the large enemy ship.
    9. Once you locate the ship, target the flak turrets around the ship and destroy them. There are a total of 4 flak turrets on the ship that must be destroyed. Once the turrets are down, you will need to finish it off. Look for the weak points marked with red waypoints. Shoot the ship until the area is secure.
    10. Listen to McCallum and Control’s conversation, and get ready to take the fight to the Colonials.
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