Strike Suit Zero Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions


    1. At the start of the mission, you’ll need to secure the area. Locate the enemy fighters and fly towards them.
    2. Once all 9 fighters are destroyed, you’ll need to focus on the freighters. Head towards the fighting and clear the path to the freighters. Thin out the enemy forces first, including the fighters and turrets.
    3. Once the area is thinned out, focus your attention on the enemy freighters. Destroy the three freighters, then continue to destroy the remaining Colonial fighters. You can view how many fighters remain next to the objective on your hud.
    4. Once the fighter support are destroyed, locate the frigate. First, focus your attention on the flak turrets. Thin out the defenses, then locate the frigate’s weak points. Fire your weapons at the frigate until it is neutralized.
    5. When the area is clear, it’ll be time to escort the troop transport. Follow the transport while the captains talk. Enemy scouts will fold in, including heavy fighters. Head towards the Arcadia and protect it. Destroy the attacking heavy fighters.
    6. When you secure the area, enemy corvettes will fold in targeting the Arcadia. Head towards them and prepare to destroy the corvettes. Be on the lookout for any torpedoes heading towards the Arcadia and destroy them.
    7. Quickly destroy both of the corvettes before the Arcadia takes too much damage. The station will be secure. It’s time to upgrade your ship. Fly towards the station and listen to Control. Enter the strike suit.
    8. Read the on-screen instructions and become familiar with the strike suit. The next part will teach you how to build flux. Fly your strike suit towards the wreckage, and destroy it to build flux. Once the captains finish talking, enemies will fold in.
    9. Finish destroying the required amount of wreckage, then divert your attention to the corvettes. The corvettes will attack the Arcadia. Use the strike suit to intercept the torpedoes heading for the Arcadia, and start destroying the corvettes.
    10. Help the Arcadia hold out until Control is finished. Destroy four corvettes before the Arcadia takes too much damage. When the final corvette is destroyed, continue to intercept torpedoes before they damage the frigate.
    11. When support arrives, turn to the enemy frigates and focus your fire on them. use your strike suit to assist in destroying them. After both frigates are neutralized, listen to the captain and Control talk until the mission is over.
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