Strike Suit Zero Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Missions


    1. Once again, you will be protecting Arcadia. Sweep the area for mines, which will appear as waypoints on your hud. Destroy them before they hit Arcadia.
    2. Arcadia will soon be secure from mines, but the Tartarus isn’t. Head over to the Tartarus and destroy all incoming mines. Soon the Tartarus will also be secure. Head over to Aurora.
    3. Once again, Aurora will be threatened by mines. Destroy all incoming mines once more. Enemy fighters will fold in. Protect the fleet by destroying all enemy fighters in the area.
    4. The fighters will fold away into the nebula. When you receive the coordinates, fold in and chase down the fighters. Destroy them before they get away.
    5. You will soon reach a communications relay. Finish off the fighters and focus your attention on the shield generators. You will need to destroy them in a certain amount of time. You can view the time left near the objectives on your hud.
    6. Locate the shield generators on the installation. Quickly take out all of the generators, then locate the large comms relays. Before time runs out, destroy the relays. When you are finished, clear the area of enemy fighters.
    7. When the area is clear, Reynolds will relocate you to a base. Secure it by destroying all fighters around the base. Shuttles will attempt to leave. Chase them down and destroy them before they get away.
    8. Continue to clear the area and watch out for any escaping shuttles. When Reynolds tells you to, focus your attention on the installation’s shield generators. You will once again have a limited amount of time to quickly take down the enemy’s shields.
    9. When the shields are down, support will arrive. When Control jams the communications relays, you will have a short amount of time to destroy them. Fly around the base and quickly destroy all relays.
    10. Aurora will arrive shortly after. Protect Aurora and the bombers as they attack the installation. Fly around the installation and destroy all of the enemy’s turrets.
    11. Keep an eye out for escaping shuttles. When they try to escape, chase them down and destroy them. When finished, head back to the installation and continue destroying turrets.
    12. Continue to secure the area until you win the battle. Once the base is completely secure, the mission will end.
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