Surgeon Simulator: How to Call Trisha & Secret Numbers Locations

Surgeon Simulator 2013 plays Playstation 4

Now that Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition is out on the Playstation 4, console gamers can enjoy the maddeningly tricky controls. But, like any good goofy simulation parody, there are tons of hidden secrets scattered through each of the transplants your clumsy doctor takes part in.

In the main menu, you might notice a memo telling the good Dr. Burke to call his alleged girlfriend Trisha. But, the scribbled numbers are all wrong. No, to get the numbers you’ll have to scrounge through six secret locations. We’ve got them all listed below in proper order — but don’t worry, if it’s too hard, the complete number is listed at the end of the guide.

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How to Call Trisha & Secret Numbers Locations

Numbers are hidden in the regular and ambulance versions of the Heart, Kidney, and Brain transplant surgeries. Write each number down as you find them in the order listed below to complete Trisha’s secret number.

Secret Number Location #1:

In the Heart Transplant surgery, poke the hanging blood IV bag with a sharp knife. The blood will pour out to reveal a small note with the first numbers.

Secret Number Location #2:

During the Kidney surgery, look for the medicine bottle to the left of the kidney crate. The next two digits are scribbled on the back of the pill bottle.

Secret Number Location #3:

Next, start up the Brain Transplant surgery. First, you’ll need to get high. Inject yourself with the green shot — a poke is all you need. While you’re seeing weird colors, look at the digit read-out on the machine to the right of the patient.

Secret Number Location #4:

Performing the Heart Transplant surgery on the Ambulance, look for a cabinet built into the right wall. Open it, there should be piece of paper taped to the surface. Pick up the laser pen and burn off the taped paper to find another set of numbers.

Secret Number Location #5:

Start up the Kidney Transplant in the Ambulance. There’s a blank clipboard to the left of the surgery stretcher. Grab it and hold it over the bright light in the center of the operating area. Adjust the board until very faint letters appear in invisible ink — you’ll need to get just the right angle.

Secret Number Location #6:

The final numbers can be found in the Ambulance Brain Transplant. Look into the two windows built into the back doors and push them open. Watch the road carefully, because the last numbers appear on the concrete below. They fly by, so don’t miss them! You only get one chance. If you can’t spot them, reload the operation to try again.

How to Call Trisha

Put all the numbers together to get her number! If you’re having trouble, the full code is: 099326071850

Now that you’ve got all the numbers, return to the office before starting up an operation and grab the phone. Just keep it away from the edges of the desk.

Push the numbers in the order above. If you miss a number, press the “END” key on the phone to start over.

Get them all, and you’ll unlock one of the most perplexing trophies in Surgeon Simulator. A new note will also appear in the main menu, from your in-game girlfriend Trish.

Trophy Unlocked

  • Call Trisha (Bronze):
    Now where did you leave her number…

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