Syndicate – Boss Achievement Guide

Unlike most FPS titles, Syndicate features bosses with some meat to them. Infact, some are downright challenging. Even worse, each of these bosses has a special achievement and trophy attached to their battle, requiring you to fulfill special parameters that are only going to make your life worse. That’s why the Agents at Game Front have deployed a special strategy guide to defeating these enhanced soldiers.

For a full runthrough of Syndicate, with even more strategies for defeating bosses without necessarily grabbing the achievements, join us with our walkthrough. To get more secrets and locations, stop by the Syndicate cheats page.

Boss Achievement Guide

Milestone 4 – Tatsuo

  • Every Bullet Counts (30 points / Bronze): Defeat Tatsuo without restocking your ammunition from the UAVs, on normal or hard difficulty.
  1. At the train station at the end of the level, you’ll see your Agent partner jump into the train. Don’t open the doors yet, you’ll need as much ammunition as you can carry before starting the fight.
  2. During the fight, you can hack flying UAVs to drop additional ammo. If you want this achievement, avoid those UAVs or you’ll accidentally pick up the dropped ammunition.
  3. Before the fight itself, you’ll need to defeat waves of Aspari soldiers. Use a Pistol or Sniper Rifle to save more ammo for your Assault Rifle, which you’ll rely on for the boss.
  4. The boss isn’t incredibly difficult as long as you load up on bullets before starting the battle and use your Assault Rifle. Don’t forget to use the secondary ability to really hurt him while the DART overlay is activated.
  5. Just keep unloading on him, and use the central pillar for cover when he splits up — or use a grenade to destroy his fast-moving holographic clones.
  6. Don’t hack the UAVs and you’ll unlock this achievement without too many problems.

Milestone 11 – Ramon

  • Missile Command (30 points / Bronze): Breach an entire barrage of five missiles in the Ramon boss fight, on normal or hard difficulty.
  1. During the fight with Ramon, he’ll launch missiles at you from platforms above. Because you don’t have any weapons, you’ll need to hack each missile to redirect them toward Ramon.
  2. At the beginning of the fight, Ramon will simply launch a single missile, allow you to hack, then jump to a new platform after a few moments, or after taking a hit.
  3. As the battle goes on, he’ll start re-hacking his missiles, forcing you to hack them again. After taking enough hits, he’ll pause and flash green as he prepares to launch a swarm of five missiles at once.
  4. When he prepares to launch his barrage, wait on the opposite platform and prepare to hack. Just as he launches, activate your DART Overlay and quickly hack each of the five missiles. You’ll have to be quick before the missiles hit you, or you run out of DART Overlay power. If you do fail, reload the previous checkpoint and give it another try.
  5. To defeat Ramon, hit him with his own barrage and he’ll jump to a smaller platform between the two landings your character can run between. Hack this new platform to electrocute and defeat Ramon.

Milestone 15 – Kris

  • See No Evil (30 points / Bronze): Defeat Kris without making him visible using EMP or Dart Overlay, on normal or hard difficulty.
  1. This is a tricky achievement. During the fight with Kris, he’ll turn invisible. During the first part of the battle, you’ll need to watch out for EMP Mines. Remembering, you can’t use DART Overlay, EMP Mines, or even the provided EMP Grenades to reveal Kris.
  2. The hardest part of this achievement is that the EMP Mines will effect Kris whether you set them off with a hack or they set off when you’re near.
  3. To avoid hitting Kris with EMP, run to the kitchen in the back corner left of the entrance where there are no EMP mines. During the second portion of the fight, the EMP mines will deactivate, allowing you to fight him normally.
  4. Kris never stands still, and he’ll throw grenades while shooting off his assault rifle. You need to look carefully and restock ammunition regularly. During the first part you’ll have your weapons, but after the cutsene you’ll need to fight him with only a pistol.
  5. Camping out inside the kitchen will make both fights easier, but is only a requirement for the first part. Keep your eyes open and look for any changes in the scenery to spot the shimmering flicker of Kris’ stealth shield.
  6. This fight can take awhile, just be patient and don’t let him land too many hits. Take cover where you can, and wait him out. Eventually, you’ll defeat Kris and win this achievement.

Milestone 18 – Crane

  • Make Them Watch (30 points / Bronze): Kill Agent Crane before you kill his two sidekicks, on normal or hard.
  1. Agent Crane is a quick miniboss fought in Milestone 18 after jumping down from a vent. A large door will open revealing him and two soldiers. He’s quick, so make sure to hack the floor to raise up extra cover periodically.
  2. This fight is very straightforward. If you haven’t fought him yet, or still have points to put into upgrades, here are the upgrades you’ll need to make this battle a cinch.
  3. Upgrades: Toughened, Regenerative Overlay, Regeneration Boost, Stability, Augmented Overly, Safeguard, Synchronize, Protective Shield, and Dexterous.
  4. Target the boss and the boss only. If you need to keep the two soldiers off your back, hit them with weapon overloads. They’ll stun the soldiers, but they also do damage. Limit yourself and hide, while moving from one pillar to the next as the soldiers close in.
  5. Make liberal use of the DART Overlay to put the hurt on the agent. When he’s down, ignore the soldiers and pull out his chip to unlock the achievement.

Milestone 20 – Final Boss

  • Revival Meeting (30 points / Bronze): Defeat the final boss without allowing any agent to be revived, on normal or hard difficulty.
  1. During the final boss fight, the lead Agent will wait on an elevator while two female Agents hunt you down. These two women can be revived from afar — once their health is down, you’ll need to charge forward and using a melee attack to finish them off for good.
  2. The trouble is that the lead Agent will shoot at you with missiles and a minigun while fighting these other two agents in close-range. Run right toward the raised area with plenty of cover. The enemy agents will attempt to hack and lower the cover, but you can just re-hack and put it back into place.
  3. Use the provided Assault Rifle and Shotgun ammo to lower the Agent’s health bars. Don’t lower either completely yet, you’ll need to time your attack so that you can finish one off without dying yourself.
  4. To get the lead Agent off your back, shoot at him with your Assault Rifle. Do enough damage and he’ll retreat for a minute or so, giving you plenty of time to fight and only deal with two deadly Agents.
  5. Focus on one Agent at a time, lower her health, then finish her off when she tries to squirrel you out of cover. When they charge up to the platform surrounded by cover, you’ll have more leeway to finish them off without taking a barrage of gunfire from your other opponents.
  6. Once one is taken care of, the second shouldn’t be a problem. Draw her in, weaken her armor, shoot at the lead Agent to chase him off, then knock the second female Agent down and defeat her before she’s revived.
  7. Now you only have to deal with the lead Agent, but the achievement will already be your’s. Goodluck!

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On March 8, 2012 at 10:34 pm

Nice tips, thanks! Also, nice game, kinda old fashioned way with “bosses” at the end of level, reminds me the old Nintendo games. Thumbs up!