Syndicate – Business Card Locations

Scattered throughout the corporate world of Syndicate are holographic business cards that provide new intelligence to your in-game database. These tidbits expand on the greater world of Syndicate, and give enterprising players and achievement hunters that extra little search for 100% completion. Avoid a business faux pas and don’t leave these business cards behind — find all 30 cards with our location guide below.

For even more Syndicated information, check out the text and video walkthrough. To go deep and rise to the top of the corporate ladder, take a trip to the cheats page.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

Little Black Book (30 points / Bronze): Find all business cards.

Business Card Locations

Milestone 1

  • Card 1: After entering the building through the alley and falling down the stairs using a guard to soften your fall, pick up the pistol and look at the stairs leading up to your right. The first glowing holographic card is there for you to take.
  • Card 2: Tear the chains off the door ahead and continue through the hallway until entering a dimly lit apartment. Inside, you can find the card on the white table to the right of the kitchen.

Milestone 2

  • Card 3: Entering the lobby of the business, your Agent partner will leave through an elevator. Let him go, then turn around and explore the area left of the entrance just as you walk into the lobby. You’ll find the card on a couch near a dragon statue.
  • Card 4: Eventually you’ll reach a back storage room with metal shelves. Climb the ladder up, and instead of crawling along the sides, jump from shelf to shelf to reach a card ontop, clearly visible.

Milestone 3

  • Card 5: After shooting your way out of the club arena where you’ll be ambushed by a series of Aspari soldiers, the doors will open. As you leave through the breached doors, where two guards with shields attack from, turn immediately left and look in the reception desk for another card.

Milestone 4

  • Card 6: Entering into a locker room with lots of red safety deposit boxes, keep your eyes left as you pass through. Between the first set of boxes and the second set, you’ll find the card on the ground near a case.

Milestone 5

  • Card 7: Entering the back train car filled with green poison gas, before you leave, look left for this card on one of the tables just before the exit to the train car.

Milestone 6

  • Card 8: Entering the lobby of the business, to right and look on the coffee table near a few black couches, just as you step off the elevator.

Milestone 7

  • Card 9: Find this card on the black counter inside the kitchen of Drawl’s apartment.

Milestone 8

  • Card 10: After the start, you’ll enter into an open area filled with bad guys and a cafe. After clearing the soldiers, check the back left corner for a card on the floor near a table, just left of the cafe on a slightly raised section.

Milestone 9

  • Card 11: Entering the floating city, you’ll spot a high-value target typing at a large computer. Before (Or after!) killing him, turn right and look behind slightly to spot a card on one of the blue computer surfaces.

Milestone 10

  • Card 12: Just at the start, continue forward and jump into the blue security desk ahead to find a card on the counter.
  • Card 13: Jumping down into the open area, you’ll fight a series of guards before the exit doors open. Throught those doors, take the stairs down and around to enter a small lab-like room. On one of the trays to your right as you enter, you’ll find the card.

Milestone 11

  • Card 14: At the bottom of the stairwell, you’ll find the business card on a wheeled tray, below a sign, just left and ahead of the steps as you move down.
  • Card 15: Through the large vent, you’ll need to stomp on a grating to continue the mission. Don’t stomp it yet, just beyond the grating there’s a card on the floor, in the left corner of the vent shaft.

Milestone 12

  • Card 16: Early on, you’ll enter a small warehouse. On the ground floor, search the metal shelves in the back right corner, near the stairs.
  • Card 17: Through the underground maintenance tunnels, you’ll hear a man talking to himself. Continuing through, you’ll find a path splitting right. To continue the mission, you’ll need to continue forward, but make a short detour right. Down the path, enter the door to find a small room with a drunk man inside. The business card is in the corner, on the floor right next to him.
  • Card 18: Back out onto the rainy streets, you’ll see a club with bright pink lights. Directly across the street from it is an alley with steps leading down. Follow the steps down and look behind the dumpster to find this card.
  • Card 19: Inside the cultish building, turn right to spot a card inside the cashier’s booth. To get inside, you’ll need to enter the hallway and go through the door behind.

Milestone 13

  • Card 20: Entering into the first large area with the cargo elevator, run to the back of the room where stacks of metal boxes are piled up. On one of those boxes, you can spy a business card.

Milestone 14

  • Card 21: After falling through the floor and moving through the small hallway, you’ll enter into a small maintenance backroom with pipes snaking around the center. Head up the steps until you find a point where the pipes open up to form a platform you can crawl onto in the center of the room. Use the two pipes to circle around, and you’ll find your first secret business card.
  • Card 22: In the hallway with the first three EMP mines, set off the first mine, then turn left to find an opening in the railings. Jump down and search the back left corner of the alcove ahead to find a card.
  • Card 23: After fighting your way through an open area with a flamethrower, you’ll enter into a building’s lobby through two automatic wooden doors. The card is resting ahead in the reception desk.

Milestone 15

  • Card 24: Entering the control room after sneaking by the turret for the first time, you’ll find this card left of the switch.
  • Card 25: Just before entering to fight the boss, you’ll have to navigate an abandoned office. Check the corner directly behind the door leading to the boss room, and you’ll find this card on the ground.

Milestone 17

  • Card 26: Entering the lobby full of bodies, move forward to grab the card off the desk just ahead after getting off the elevator.
  • Card 27: Inside the small desked entrance into the main bridge leading into Eurotech’s MegaSkyscraper, you’ll need to hold off several waves of enemies using two central desks as cover. The card is on one of these central desks, in plain sight.

Milestone 18

  • Card 28: After the fight against the Eurocorp Agent and two soldiers, exit into another small room with stairs leading down. Behind an overturned table on the right side of the room, you’ll find the business card.

Milestone 19

  • Card 29: Enter the maintenance hall behind the desk to the right, and look on the left wall inside the passage. The card is resting on a girder after leaving the room with the wounded civilians.
  • Card 30: Before taking the steps up to the top walkway leading to the large vault doors protecting the CEO’s office, look underneath the stairways for a body. The body is leaning against the wall, with the business card nearby.

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