System Shock 2 Modding Guide


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This full-fledged mod is a graphics overhaul for the entire game. It also fixes typos, graphical errors, and continuity errors. Despite being an overhaul, it sticks closely to the art style of the original game. It plays well with Straylight’s ADaoB mod, listed above.

Four Hundred

While there have been numerous mods that alter weapons, enemy models and various other random models, it hadn’t been possible to replace the terrain textures until relatively recently. Released late last year, Four Hundred replaces those textures with high resolution images for several sections of the Von Braun. It’s a work-in-progress, so new updates may be forthcoming, but it’s still very much recommended.

Vurt’s Textures & Models

Vurt’s Flora Overhaul

Vurt’s Hi-Res Space Textures

Vurt’s Water

Vurt’s Organics/Goo

Vurt’s Misc Stuff

Vurt is a name that should be familiar to anyone who has dived into the Elder Scrolls modding community. And it should come as no surprise that his work on System Shock 2 is just as excellent. These expansive packages enhance the models and textures of the game’s vegetation, skybox, water effects, organic compounds and various other random objects and effects. However, Flora Overhaul, Misc Stuff and the Biomatter component of the Organics/Goo package do overlap with SHTUP, but there’s no reason not to use them all. As Vurt’s work is higher resolution, I prefer to install his mods after SHTUP and then overwrite when prompted.

Tacticool Weapon Replacement Mods

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This is a set of mods that replaces all of the low-poly, low-resolution weapons with a high-definition set of armaments so your guns will no longer resemble a silver-painted sticks and look more like actual firearms.

Extended Graphical Options

There’s a little file in the main SS2 directory called cam_ext.cfg, which contains a whole set of hidden settings for you to tinker around with. By editing the file, it is possible to enable bloom, anti-aliasing, and anisotropic filtering.

To make alterations to the file, just enter your SS2 directory and open cam_ext.cfg with Notepad. Scroll down to where it says:

; D3D9 render options

and you’ll find what you can alter. To enable commands simply remove the semi-colon in front of it. Example:

;multisampletype 8


multisampletype 8


Saleck’s System Shock 2 Modding Guide –
SystemShock –

And there you have it—more mods than you can shake a stick at. Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments!

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On May 14, 2013 at 9:08 am

Thank you for not including the co-op mod in this article. Ive seen far too many people complain on the Steam forums saying Steam dropped the ball by not making sure the game was 100% compatible with said mod. It is beyond ridiculous to the point of insulting the game by trying to shoehorn MP in.


On May 15, 2013 at 2:43 am

Just one thing, that it’s selling on GoG as well, same price, but without DRM :S
In fact, it was selling there BEFORE Steam, erf…