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Halo 4, 007 Legends, & NOT The Walking Dead Up for Best Writing


Sounds legit.

Has Activision Lost Publishing Rights For Bond Games?

007 Legends - Jaws (Moonraker)thumb

Not a shock.

OOF, Eurocom Lays Off 75% of Staff


The 007 Legends Studio is hit hard.

007 Legends Cheats


The things you’ll do for England…

007 Legends Achievements


Don’t touch Q’s lunch.

007 Legends Trophies


Not a Bond Girl, but close.

007 Legends Walkthrough


Relive Bond’s greatest and craziest adventures and live to tell Moneypenny with Game Front’s 007 game guide.

PSN Will Feature 8 AAA Games For Download At Launch


OK, PSN, all is almost forgiven.

Watch The Latest 007 Legends Trailer

007 Legends - Jaws (Moonraker)thumb

It kind of looks good.

The Two Worst Bond Movies Are Levels In 007 Legends

007 Legends - Agent Bouvier (Licence to Kill)thumb


007 Legends To Be Released With Key Mission Removed For DLC

007 Legends - Jaws (Moonraker)thumb

This is troublesome.

007 Legends To Feature Original Jaws And Drax Actors

007 Legends - Jaws (Moonraker)thumb

And it’s being written by Bruce Feirstein.

Watch The 007 Legends: Moonraker Level Game Trailer

007 Legends - Space Shuttle (Moonraker)thumb

Take a look at how redic this is going to be. And I mean that in a good way.

Moonraker Announced As First 007 Legends Mission

007 Legends - Jaws (Moonraker)thumb

I’m kind of excited about this now.