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Gearbox Giving Away Borderlands 2 Golden Keys This Weekend

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Freebies this weekend.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Getting Two Single-Player DLC Packs

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We’re heading to China.

New BioShock Infinite Trailer Shows Off Columbia, Ultimate Edition

bioshock infinite vox thumb

That Ultimate Edition comes with a Songbird statue, but it’ll cost you.

Pre-Order BioShock Infinite, Play a Mini-Game To Earn In-Game Rewards

bioshock infinite industrial revolution thumb

You might need to re-pre-order to get your code, though.

Rumor: Trophies Reveal Next Borderlands 2 DLC

mad moxxi thumb

Seems like more DLC is already on the way.

XCOM Update Brings 1080p Movies, Fixes Other Issues

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Yay, updates!

Borderlands 2 DLC ‘Captain Scarlett’ Coming Oct. 16

borderlands 2 captain scarlet 1 thumb

Desert pirates are coming.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Beginner’s Guide


Kill E.T. better.

Use This Fix On Steam for ‘Corrupted’ DLC Files for Borderlands 2

borderlands 2 6 thumb

This should let you access the Mechromancer if you’re having trouble.

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Update Might Kill Your Character Save

borderlands 2 2 thumb

Be careful updating the game.

Borderlands 2′s Mechromancer is Available Today

borderlands 2 mecromancer concept thumb

Download it!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Launch Trailer is Flashy

xcom enemy unknown 1 thumb

There seems to be an abnormal amount of bass in here.

Randy Pitchford Stamps Out Borderlands 3 Rumors



Gearbox Already Considering Borderlands 3 Possibilities

borderlands 2 2 thumb

The game’s lead writer has some ideas for a third installment.

XCOM FPS Might Now Be Third Person



XCOM: Enemy Unknown Preview – Close Encounters of the Best Kind


Close encounters of the most awesome kind.

How to Improve Borderlands 2 with .ini File Tweaks

borderlands 2 6 thumb

Lots of adjustments to increase performance and make a few things less annoying.

Give XCOM: Enemy Unknown a Whirl with a Steam Demo

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Go try it out.

Comment of the Week: Codes Make Me Go


Another exciting installment in our weekly series!

Borderlands 2 Review: Hell. Yes.

borderlands 2 2 thumb

It’s leaner, bigger, and funnier than the original. It’s also simultaneously dumber AND smarter.

The Art of Bioshock Infinite Coming In February


And it’s getting a shiny hardcover version.

It’s High Time Devs Start Defending Their Games


This publisher aggression will not stand!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Now Available for Digital Pre-Orders

xcom enemy unknown thumb

More pre-orders mean more rewards.

Yager Dev: Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer ‘Cancerous Growth’



2K President Says It’s Hard to Launch New IPs on Current Gen


Then dives into the piles of cash generated by his sequels.

Spec Ops: The Line Review


Classic literature can’t save Yager Developments third-person shooter.

5 Games That Could Use An Extended Cut


A.K.A. “Games that make you go ‘that’s it!’”

ATTN: Spec Ops: The Line To Get Free August DLC



PSA: Buy Gods And Kings, Get Civ V Free On OnLive


Not a bad deal, kind of.

Spec Ops: The Line Preview: Ideas Lofty, Walls Chest-High


Can Spec Ops’ gameplay match its literary ambitions?

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