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PSA: Civ V GOTY Edition Only $12.95 On Impulse


You have discovered: Bargaining.

Spec Ops: The Line Gets June 12 PC Demo Release, Steamworks DRM

spec ops the line thumb

We’ve got your PC requirements right here.

XCOM: Unknown Enemy is Coming in October

xcom enemy unknown thumb

Hey, at least one XCOM game is still coming this year.

Gearbox Announces Collector’s, Limited Editions of Borderlands 2

borderlands 2 premiere club thumb

All the stuff you can get when you get Borderlands 2.

MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Challenge Winner Announced


And they got a friggin mint. Damn.

Was BioShock: Infinite Delayed To Add Multiplayer?



PSA: Get Your Spec Ops: The Line Demo on XBL, PSN

spec ops the line thumb

Sorry, no PC demo, though.

Cheating Infests MLB 2K12′s Million Dollar Game Contest

mlb 2k12 thumb

But 2K Sports is still going ahead with the handing out of $1 million.

Civ V Expansion Preview: Gods, Kings, and Custom Religions


Step up to the god buffet.

Spec Ops: The Line Preview — The Horror, The Horror


Yager Development’s bold, flawed take on the third-person shooter.

PAX East 2012 Preview: The Big Games List


Check out our 2012 coverage plan!

Nvidia Interview: The Present and Future of GeForce GPU’s


Direct from the horse’s mouth. The horse has an extremely high polygon count.

New Borderlands 2 Tech Demo Shows Off Cool Physics Effects


If you throw a grenade in a puddle, expect to get wet.

Ken Levine: Bioshock Infinite Has WAY More Writing Than Bioshock 1


Bioshock’s Big Daddy delivers an exciting update!

Does Mass Effect 3 Really Need Multiplayer?


More than just a quick “no.”

Spec Ops: The Line Will be In Stores June 26


Mark your calendars and get ready to perform summary executions! Get it? Summary? Like the season only spelled different?

You Can Kill Civillians In Spec Ops: The Line


Yep. This is not going to be controversial at all.

The Darkness II Review

darkness 2 6 thumb

It’s on the short side, but The Darkness II is an phenomenal improvement on its predecessor and offers solid story and tons of mayhem.

2K Games Says It’ll Patch The Darkness II to Add Field of View Controls

darkness 2 jimmy thumb

A consolization complaint gets a response, and maybe a fix.

2K Marin Founder, BioShock Artist Pitching Unannounced New IP to Studio

bioshock-eve-syringe-big thumb

Here’s hoping for something new and different coming out of 2K Marin.

Aww, 2K Marin’s XCOM Shooter Title Delayed Till 2013

xcom 1 thumb

XCOM: Enemy Within is still coming out this year, though, supposedly.

NBA 2K12 Review (Xbox 360)


It’s really awesome. There’s not much else to say.

Check Out This Great (Hot) BioShock: Infinite Cosplay (PIC)

bioshock infinite cosplay thumb

Strikingly similar to what’s in the game.

The Darkness II Will Have Four-Player Narrative Co-op (TRAILER)

darkness 2 darkling thumb

For maximum demon story confusion.

More Darkness 2 Powers: Black Hole and Gun Channeling (TRAILERS)

darkness 2 black hole thumb

You have lots of options for dismembering people in this game.

Meet Your Evil Darkling Sidekick in The Darkness II (TRAILER)

darkness 2 darkling thumb

He’s British. Also a bastard.

Distract Enemies with a Swarm — of Evil! — in The Darkness II (TRAILER)

darkness 2 swarm thumb

It’s green stuff that is really irritating to bad guys.

Learn About The Darkness II’s Big Bad Secret Society, The Brotherhood (TRAILER)

darkness 2 thumb

Seems like anything called “The Brotherhood” is always bad news.

The Darkness 2 Doubles Your Dual-Wielding with Quad-Wielding (TRAILER)

darkness 2 2 thumb

Quad means four, you lame-o Halo fan!

Pre-Order The Darkness II, Get Upgraded to the Limited Edition

darkness 2 thumb

Hey, free digital comics and in-game upgrades.

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