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XCOM – “What Is XCOM?” Developer Diary


I don’t even have to tell you what you’ll find in this post!

Christian Cops Want The Darkness II Banned

darkness 2 2 thumb

Digital demons make you hate police, potentially.

NBA 2K12 Cover Art Revealed


Featuring Jordan, Magic, and Bird.

F2P of the Day: CivWorld


The World is yours.

New Civilization V Patch Hits


“Phalanx defeats Modern Armor functionality has been improved.”

PAX Prime 2011 Exhibitor List Teased


CHEAP CLIFFHANGER BLURB: Click to find out who has been confirmed for Pax Prime 2011, so far…

E3 2011 – A Purer Demonic Experience in The Darkness II

darkness 2 2 thumb

Tighter gameplay and an intuitive “quad-wielding” system seem like they’ll make The Darkness II more than a worthy successor to the original.

E3 2011 – Video Interview with Darkness II Lead Designer Tom Galt

darkness 2 thumb

We got a quick five minutes with Tom after seeing The Darkness II’s very cool E3 demo.

E3 2011: The Darkness 2 Interview With Lead Designer Tom Galt


Get ready to dig down deep into the even more comic-booky sequel.

Ken Levine Explains BioShock: Infinite’s Sky-Line Rail System (TRAILER)

bioshock infinite thumb

Letting people fly didn’t really cut it, so Irrational added rollercoasters to Infinite.

The Darkness II Gives Off a Bit of a ‘Would You Kindly’ Vibe (TRAILER)

darkness 2 thumb

Who’s pulling Jackie Estacado’s strings?

The Wild Blue Yonder is a Dangerous-Looking Place in Bioshock Infinite (SCREENS)

bioshock infinite thumb

People aren’t happy. And they’re probably insane.

Irrational Games Wants To Send Someone To E3


The BioShock Infinite devs are having a little contest. The winner gets a free trip to LA and 3 days with the nerdiest people on earth.

Duke Nukem Forever Available for Preorder on Steam at 10 Percent Discount

duke nukem big guy thumb

Duke Nukem Forever will be available roughly one month, one week and nine hours from the moment I post this,…

Duke Nukem Forever ‘Come Get Some’ Trailer Is… Pretty Blatant


This obscure game no one has ever heard of gets another trailer. Now maybe people will buy it!

Borderlands GOTY, Regular Edition, DLC Slashed to $7.50 on Steam

Borderlands thumb

Insanely low prices on Steam for its big 2K Games sale.

Mike Patton Will Voice The Darkness Again (Hooray!)

the darkness thumb

Good news on the sequel front. Now they just need to tighten up the gunplay a bit and The Darkness 2 could be awesome.

Snag Mafia II for $20 on Today

mafia 2 thumb

This is quite a deal for a pretty good game — savings of between $10 and $20, depending on where you look.

NBA 2K11 Review

NBA 2K11

A wealth of game modes, realism and tweaked controls reward NBA fans with a seriously strong basketball sim.

Civilization V Review

Civilization V

For a total newbie, Civilization V really is as addicting and deep as you’ve always heard. It’s also just as slow and sometimes boring.

Watch 2K’s PAX Game Reveal Live Right Here


We’ve got a live stream of 2K’s game reveal at PAX today starting at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST today. Come on in to watch the action.

2k Games Reveals Bioshock: Infinite With New Trailer


2k Games has lifted the veil off “Icarus,” revealing the next installment in the Bishock franchise, Bioshock: Infinite.

Mafia II Demo Available on PSN, Live and Steam (And FileFront!)


2K has released the demo for Mafia II, one of my favorite games of E3. You can now download it here on FileFront.

What is


Something to do with Irrational’s Project Icarus?

Mafia II Demo Launching August 10


Want to try out Mafia II before you buy? 2K’s fine with that, and they’ll give you the chance on August 10th.

Gaming Today Q&A: Matthew Armstrong, Director of Borderlands

One of the hottest games of the fall was the shooter / RPG title from Gearbox, Borderlands. Recently, we were…

Bioshock 2 Sea of Dreams Harvest or Save the Little Girl Trailer

This trailer displays the choice of either harvesting the life force of the little girls or saving them.

Play THE BIGS 2 Prelaunch at Two Big Community Events

This week 2K Games is giving baseball fans the chance to play THE BIGS 2 before the release date. These…

For Freedom! Ken Levine Discusses Freedom Force and its Future

Freedom Force, the Silver and Gold age super hero game that broke the curse, didn’t feature a licensed universe with…

2K Announces Multiplayer for Bioshock 2 – Why?

When you create an intense atmospheric game with an intriguing story how best do you continue that story? Apparently 2K…

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